Weekly Answers, Pt. 9

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1) In the spring football guide Nik Abele’s weight was listed at 274 lbs. Are the coaches the least bit concerned about his weight? – Anonymous
Concerned in what way?

2) I like Sheldon Price’s speed and technique at CB. However, his lack of weight seemed a huge problem. How has Sheldon progressed in the offseason in terms of strength and weight gain? – Anonymous
He’s been doing track, so I can’t imagine him working his upper body that often.

3) Was the media part of the survey conducted by the Rose Bowl on future renovations and upgrades? I hear the press box is one of the worst in the pac 10. Just curious on what you think could use improvement. – PR
I wasn’t provided a survey, and I guess it’s fine. A little more room behind the chairs would be nice.

4) How long does it take Howland to rebuild the team? And does UCLA have special problems in regards to churning out NBA players rather than college graduates that are unique to it’s name and market? I cannot think of another program as devastated by early departures as UCLA. How to succeed in this era, or is college basketball destined to be more like college baseball? – BruinInSeattle
I think it will be a two-year reclamation project, though they’ll contend for a conference title next year.

5) Bruin fans seem pretty united in their opinion about Dragovic, but how do his teammates feel? Some of Mike Roll’s comments seemed to point at Nic, but we just are just inferring. Are the younger players happy that he won’t be around to jack up ill-advised shots? – BruinADub
I’ll say this: Going 6-for-24 in the Pac-10 Tournament did not win his teammates over.

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  • bruinfan

    274 seems pretty light….i know taller players have to be lighter but i would prefer if he was at least 280-285

  • Anonymous

    In the survey I got, nothing was asked about the press box.
    Mainly want to know how much we would pay for any of the improvements in the tower.

  • Usain Bolt


    You don’t deserve that name Mon. Your silly answer about young Price and all dat is notin’ but rub-a-dub.

    I am the fastest man in the world and have you ever checked out my guns??

    Mon, I invented the proportioned running physique (dat’s Haitian, Mon). I am 6 feet whatever and have an upper body that your American footballers would envy.

    Three days a week, young Price should be pumpin’ da iron and buildin’ up dem pecs. Den he would be able to start competing wit da likes of me, only if he put some muscle on dat scrawny frame.

    Peace and Haile Selassie,


  • MaltBaa

    Abele is a guy that struggles to put on wait because according to nue he is athletic and sweats a lot. i dunno take that for what its worth.

  • 909Bruin

    Sheldon Price is weighing 172-174 range now, so he’s put on around 12-14 lbs from last season.

  • JDubb

    As for Price’s gain of 12 – 14, that sounds like the typical “freshman 15.” And Abele’s 274 might be just the right balance, of size, strength, and athleticism needed for the position.

    With the right end’s transformation to hybrid, speed rushers; the LT position may also need to go through a transformation to keep pace in the OT/DT arms race- just a thought.