Neuheisel Interview teaser

To kick off the transcript of my pre-spring interview with UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel, I figured I’d post the ont topic everyone seems so interested in:

Where does Stan Hasiak stand at the moment?
“He’s so excited. I just hope and pray like heck that he can make the most of this. He knows perfectly well that there is a team that is above all else. Individuals have to figure out how to be a part of this team. If they can figure out that marriage, then they will flourish. One of the great lessons – and it happens in many programs – when I first went to Colorado in 1994, I was an assistant. I came from here – ’93 had been a less-than-stellar year for the Buffs, by their own standards – and they had great talent and it didn’t parlay itself into the kind of year they wanted. They had this thing where they were all about the team – they felt in ’93 they were too individual-oriented. Well, we go 11-1 and we get all these individual awards, Heisman Trophy winner, so many NFL picks – but truthfully, we were very unselfish. The accolades poured in, though. There’s more than enough to go around if you just focus on the team.
“Hopefully Big Stan can figure it out.”