Neuheisel ON: Pt. 3

Talk about having perhaps the best kicking game in the country returning:
“That should be hugely comforting. But as coaches will do, we find other things to worry about. But you’re right, we have two of the finest kickers in the country. For both to be coming back and all the machinery returning, including holder and snapper, those are all huge comforts.”

How are Josh Smith and Kai Maiava doing academically?
“Josh had a great quarter academically. There’s no problems with Josh. He still has a few things this spring to make sure he meets his demands. I think he can do it. He’s proven he can do it. I know this close to the finish line he won’t let down. Kai I think has learned a valuable lesson. I know it was hugely embarrassing to him to miss the bowl game, and he’s made it a personal vow to never let that happen again. I know he had a good quarter last quarter as well, and I think it’s full-steam ahead.”

Any injury issues?
“The one thing that troubles me is Tony Dye. He’s still suffering some affects from his toe. Hopefully he’ll be at full speed. He other guy I guess is Eddie Williams, who’s coming off the foot injury and hopefully he can be at some measure of shape so that he can play and play affectively.”