Neuheisel ON: Pt. 4

What is the next step for Kevin Prince?
“I think accuracy will be a huge thing. There were a number of balls he was unbelievable impressive on and a number that should’ve been completed. That’s a normal progression for a young quarterback. When there’s so much to think about, the ball’s gone so fast and you’re just trying to stay on schedule.”

Injury updates on Reggie Stokes, Micah Kia and Darius Savage?
“None of those guys will participate in spring practice. Micah Kia will be out there in uniform and go out in non-contact drills. He had suffered the ACL injury in August, so it’ll be a full year and a full recovery by then. We won’t risk anything by spring ball. Savage and Stokes are in situations where they’re on the mend, and we’ll see where they are when August comes around.”