Re-stocking the cupboard

Compare where the program is at right now to other points in your career at Colorado and at Washington.
Rick Neuheisel: “Both of the other jobs I was fortunate to have, Colorado and Washington, were further along. The cupboard was more full. Both had strength and conditioning programs that were farther along. Both had quarterback situations that were in better shape. To get things going quickly, you gotta have that triggerman. Both had offensive line situations that were much more healthy. Because of that, you have chances to be more successful when you’re looking at wins and losses.
This situation is the best situation, because we’ve got to fix it without the feeling that the world’s going to end if it’s not done right away. We have seen improvement, and I think the sky is the limit here, as opposed to capping out at some of the places where we already were. I won 10 games each of my first two situations in Colorado. It was a heavy heart to do better. Even though they won a national championship a couple years before, they needed five downs to do it. We were pretty much on all cylinders. Washington, we got to 11-1 and then went back the next two years and won eight and seven games. I thought we had a chance to go back up, yeah, but this place I think has a real upside. One that can be fun for years and years and years.”

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  • Blue Bruin

    Shouldn’t it be “re-STOCKING”?