Chane Moline ON: Pro Day

What was the goal out there today?
Former UCLA running back Chane Moline: “The goal is to come out and look good running, put up some numbers and keep the dream going. Hopefully you get picked up by a team and get to keep extending your career. I’ve been playing football since I was nine, ten, so I just want to keep playing.”

What were you most focused on?
Moline: “I focused a lot on bench press, but everything really. The 40 I focused on a lot. I just came out here to look good, look fluid, look like a football player. Like a good athlete. I have a lot of good film to show, a lot of experience. So I just wanted to come out here and look good running when they could see me in person.”

Does this stuff matter or is it more just about playing well on Saturdays and then Sundays?
Moline: “It not all pertains to football. This does matter for the sake of getting recruited to go to the next level, but all these scouts are watching film. They’re studying the film more than this. If you put up ridiculous numbers, you’re going to get drafted higher, but if you’re a good football player and you have good film, I think you’ll get picked up on a team no matter what.”

Any thoughts on your draft prospects?
Moline: I hear from people that I have a 50-percent chance of being in the late rounds, but if not, hopefully a free agent. I just want to get on a team, get a tryout, try to extend my career. Whatever happens, I just hope for the best.”

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    I’ve been a fan since watching you truck Long Beach Poly’s D back in the day…I wish you the best, keep working hard! GO “TRAIN”!!!