Howland ON:

On the dismissal of J’mison Morgan:
“It had been I decided it was in the best interset of both our program and for him that he transfer. He’s in good academic standing, he’ll have two years of eligibility left. He’ll probably transfer back somewhere closer to home.”

On Donny Daniels leaving for Gonzaga as the Zags’ top assistant coach:
“Donny Daniels is going to be leaving effective immediately to go to Gonzaga as an assistant for Mark Few. He’ll be in tomorrow – he had three wisdom teeth pulled – and he did a terrific job for me and this program for seven years. He was really a key impetus for all the success we’ve enjoyed. He’ll be going to another outstanding program with a very good tradition and history. It’s where I started my coaching career 29 years ago.”

Are you looking to get a veteran staff guy?
“I’m not even worrying about that until our recruiting is done this year. There won’t be a look at staff until late in the month.”

With Bobo leaving, opens up another scholarship. How many do you want to use?
“I’d like to use all our scholarships up. That gives us three at least.”

Was it any one thing?
“It’s just there’s a point in time where you have to move forward, and I just felt it was in our best interest in the program, as well as for him. He’s leaving here in good standing academically, he’ll be better for the experience here, not only as a player but as a person.”

Any discussions about players leaving for NBA Draft?
“Not really. I’m actually meeting with our team here in about 45 minutes for a brief team meeting, and I’ll be having individual meetings with our players tomorrow. I don’t anticipate anybody testing the waters this year.”

Any possibility anybody else can transfer?
“At this time, I don’t see that, but anything is possible.”

Did you try to retain Donny Daniels?
“I support him 100 percent on his decision. You’d have to ask him about his mindset. I will always consider Donny a good friend, and more importantly a very, very good coach. He was a part of three final fours here. I really appreciate all his hard work and dedication. Financially, he’ll probably make a little bit more relative to cost of living. Financially, it’s a step up for him.”

Any other coaching changes right now?
“At this time, nothing to announce.”

Any preliminary ideas for a replacement?
“No, I’ll be getting a lot of phone calls relative to that. There won’t be any rush to do anything. We’re not allowed to go in the spring because of the AAU Tournaments, but I’ll be out as many days I can be out.”

Any chance Joe Hillock will leave to coach CSUN women?
“It is a possibility. He’ll fight for that and I’m supporting for that. That’s a great job and he was the coach at Southern Utah for several year, and he’d like to get back into coaching.”

Thoughts on Steve Lavin getting hired at St. John’s?
“I’m very happy for Steve. St. John’s has got an outstanding tradition and history. It’s going to be obviously exciting for him after being out of coaching for seven years to jump back into the biggest media market in the country.”

Have you ever had two players leave in the same year?
“At Northern Arizona, I had about four of them in my second year. The next year after that, we had a pretty good year, too.”

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Ernie Kent to replace Donny Daniels . . . . PLEASE, BEN! I respect Ernie’s offensive coaching abilities and he would be fantastic for recruiting. Always likes Ernie!

  • Ley

    I am hearing Mark Few to Oregon??? Is this why Daniels is leaving??? With extra Scholarships from Bo Bo have you heard of any potential guards?

  • Larry

    Is the program falling apart? Players and coaches seem to be jumping ship. What is going on? Yes, Bobo did not put up huge numbers and Gordon may have rocked the boat… but now the coaches are leaving too? WT$%&^???

  • Anonymous

    No follow up on the “did you try to retain” question? He didn’t answer just that he supports the decision 100% and thinks he’s a great coach. Well did he have an offer to come back? Did you ask him to leave? How about a follow-up!!!!!

  • Why didn’t Coach do the same with Keefe a couple of years ago when he didn’t produce? It is not like Stanback where he wanted to move on and got his release. Coach is blaming BoBo for his staff’s inability to improve him, or was BoBo the problem.

  • Sid

    Anon 4:08,

    You know nothing about being a sports reporter. This isn’t Frost/Nixon, this isn’t 60 Minutes. If a coach ducks answering a question, it means he’s nicely saying he doesn’t want to talk about it and either put himself or the other party in a bad light. Pressing the issue and asking a follow up isn’t going to get you the truth, it’s only going to annoy the heck out of the coach and only make him want to talk less. Get a clue.

    You are not entitled to know everything.

  • Anonymous

    Did you all feel Scott Duncan, the Assistant Coach, contributed much to the program in the last couple of years?

  • Anonymous


    Anon at 4:06 here. Follow-up questions are completely entitled in sports interviews. FYI, while not a sports REPORTER, I used to work at ESPN in production so I’m acutely aware of the sports reporting world. Um, now that you remind me, what exactly is YOUR expertise. Talk about getting a clue…

  • Kurt

    Why should he ask a follow up just so he can get the same answer with a different tone…..I can see why you are no longer working at ESPN….and by the way….working in production is far from knowing anything about sports reporting….all that means is you are closer to the idiots who ask the questions…speaking of people who are….lol

  • Anonymous


    Right, except for the fact that we would create the storylines and tell the reporters where to head with the story. They got to word it, but we essentially controlled where the story went. And FYI I left ESPN for more money. Fun for awhile, but you can get paid more elsewhere and have the benefit of not living in Bristol. A follow-up question would have clarified the ambiguity in his statement.

    But thanks for trying.