Josh Smith working on Ray McCallum

Just got a text from UCLA center signee Josh Smith that guard Ray McCallum is close to committing to the Bruins, though nothing is certain.
Smith told me he was working on McCallum at the McDonald’s All-American Game.

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  • Anonymous

    WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Go Josh, go!! We need all the help we can get at PG and Ray would be a giant boost.

  • Bobby

    One of the remaining 4-5 star targets would be huge. 2-3 would actually get fans back to being optomistic. Can he recruit a good assistant now? sad to see daniels go

  • DonkeyBruin


    Maybe Ray has noted how Bruin PGs rule in the NBA:
    Westbrook, Holiday, Collison, Farmar, Davis

  • Anonymous

    As seen in the last two classes, the number of stars has little to do with actual ability.

  • MichaelRyerson

    UCLA’s current crop of underachievers aside, if you think the number of ‘stars’ isn’t directly correlated to how successful your program is/will be, you don’t know diddly about NCAA basketball or football. sure some 2-3 star guys come in and grow up and end up being gold, and some big name high school stars come in and don’t live up to their hype but by and large, the star rankings are pretty clearly indicative of elite programs. the one-and-done mess is another bucket of worms all together (nearing my limit on mixed metaphors).

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about stars? Have you seen Ray McCallum play? He’s the real deal!

  • ley

    BoBo was not a 5 star, he was a three star, and yes Mcallum is the real deal…….remember that Afflallo and Westbrook played mainly defense and bought into the system….it is a team game and Malcom Lee has not and it may be too late to discover that!!!

  • Wow

    Keep your fingers crossed because, as anonymous said, this guy is the real deal…think Jason Kidd. Can a high school player sign presently or do they have to wait until a certain date? Does anybody know? Anyway, I’m not getting my hopes up, but I think UCLA is due for a break so hopefully.


    Josh Smith is a STUD, Ray McCallum a SUPERSTAR! But a recruit that recruits is worth everything! Go Josh!

  • yabooo

    ley said:

    BoBo was not a 5 star

    Sorry but he was a 5 star prospect. See link;_ylt=AvCFwCctk4OeZvazKYKXOIbVO5B4

    According to their rankings, he was the number 4 prospect for centers in the country.

    It is hard to believe from that hearalded class of 5, only Mr. Anderson and Mr. Lee are left.

    Let’s hope that Josh Smith is a real 5 star athlete.

  • Anonymous
  • Blue Bruin

    Latest news is that McCallum HAS NOT come any closer to choosing UCLA, and Josh Smith has ballooned up to 300 pounds. We all know that won’t work in the Howland system. He needs to leave Seattle the DAY after he graduates high school to get to Westwood and get in shape. Otherwise, he’ll just be a Bobo Jr.