Miscellaneous UCLA Pro Day stats

Hey guys,

I’m here out at Pro Day, and there have been some solid performances. Nick Ekbatani put up 42 reps on the bench press, fullback Trevor Theriot put up 34 and Reggie Carter followed with 31.

Here are some unofficial 40 times (the better of two attempts):
Terrence Austin: 4.48
Korey Bosworth: 4.65
Kyle Bosworth: 4.58
Reggie Carter: 4.78
Kevin Craft: 4.76 (only saw one attempt)
Nick Ekbatani: 5.34 (only saw one attempt)
Chane Moline: 4.68
Ryan Moya: 4.65
Logan Paulsen: 4.91
Jerzy Siewierski: 5.16 (only saw one)
Trevor Theriot: 4.81

Also, my Inside UCLA podcast cohost Ben Olson is out throwing today, and was at UNLV’s pro day last weekend throwing. He’s generating some buzz among scouts in attendance.

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  • Anonymous

    VB, you really have a lot of class.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Olson generating buzz? Nice. Did he break his fifth metatarsal yet?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Yeah, VB. It takes a lot of class to point out the obvious. KC was never anything more than a marginal back-up. Because of the injuries to #1 and #2, he was thrust into service and proved that point repeatedly. It is laughable to think he will get any serious looks from the NFL.

    Personally, I am sick of UCLA fans being as soft as some of the recent players. Coach Neu has done a good job with recent classes, but I say good riddance to this old drek! It is high time we got a little attitude going. Kick azz and take names, I say. Enough powder blue Bruin niceties. If you are a crap player, then just expect to get called out.

  • Coach Thom

    I wish all the boys the very best in their pursuit of pro careers. Austin’s 40 time is not outstanding, but he should still get a look. The Bosworth boys are going to turn some heads. Jerzy could be considered as a run-stopping DE in some D schemes. Trevor and Ryan might sneak in as H backs somewhere. I’ll be very interested to see if Reggie carter gets picked up by someone. Any of these players could prove to be significant contributors to some teams. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

  • mike

    these tiems are so fake, we all know that Theriot is not going to run anything slower that 4.40

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised by TA’s and KyleBoz’s times. 4.48 and 4.58 are legit. Jon, were you personally timing these??

  • miguelito

    too bad Austin runs like a 5.6 with pads on

  • Anonymous

    Trevor Theriot ran a 4.33 today. You have bad information

  • mike

    Anonymous said:
    Trevor Theriot ran a 4.33 today. You have bad information

    Thanks OTC, I knew that was wrong. I think the coaches don’t want Theriot to have a 4.33 so they won’t look bad when he becoems the top TB in the draft.

  • Anonymous

    UCLA’s full Proday results at nfldraftscout.com