No longer an offensive offensive line

Where is this offensive line compared to when you started at UCLA?
UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel: “Light-years ahead – remember I just gave you seven or eight names, and all but one has played. Greg Capella, Nik Abele and Wade Yandall are really the only ones who haven’t played in games. When we got here, there were only nine guys total, and only two had plays. We’re moving in the right direction. Another year from now, with Chris Ward, Yandall and Innes all having played, and then bring back X and another recruiting class – now you’re going to look how you should look. For whatever reason, it just has not been fertile in California for offensive linemen. Not for the specs we’ve looked for.”

You start off two years ago, and you really have nothing…
Neuheisel: “Well, now, nothing isn’t fair to the kids. It was an experience issue more than a talent issue. For whatever reason, we just were not experienced enough. Then when you lose your two quarterbacks, this is a challenge. But a great challenge, and while it was a tough year to endure with four wins, I think the players saw that the coaching staff had a resolve. None of the offensive coaches have left. We’ve all stayed right here and are committed to getting this offense up and rolling. Most of these offensive coaches have pretty rich resumes. It’s going to be a great day when we get to that point that we’re one or two in the Pac-10 in offense and I believe it’s coming.”

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    What’s up with Bobo? Booted

  • Blue Bruin

    Not that anyone cares, but BoBo is officially transferring…

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    Sorry he didn’t make a bigger (any?) contribution here. Good luck to him.