Prince and protecting Prince

How far along is Kevin Prince? What do you expect or hope from him?
UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel: “He’s had a fantastic offseason physically. I hope his injury issues are behind him. But there’s a moment in every quarterback’s life where you stop running plays and you start figuring out ways to win. If he hasn’t had that epiphany yet, he’s close to it. That is what’s going to be exciting. When he figures out how to go win, how to beat them. Beating a coverage, beating a DB, beating a scheme. When you figure out how to do that – manage down and distance, know how to take clock, know without having to always be told – and you’re not just thinking about what step I take. Now, you have to figure out how to win. That’s when he’ll be exciting.”

Who’s his left tackle?“Right now, Nik Abele will line up at left tackle, and we’re excited about him. Micah Kia will be available in the fall. We have to develop some depth. We have Mike Harris and Sean Sheller at right tackle, and Jeff Baca has the ability to play tackle when we need to. Brett Downey will get a lot of looks at tackle in the spring, Wade Yandall will be here for the spring and will try him at some tackle. Stanley inside along with Eddie (Williams), Ryan Taylor, who’ve all had playing experience. Then Kai Maiava at center with Taylor working in there, and a freshman, Kody Innes, lining up some, too. We’ve got some different ways to go.”

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