Quotables: Brian Price

On Pro Day:
“It’s a job interview, that’s how you have to approach it. The only two things I control are my attitude and effort. I came out here with a good attitude and I’m willing to give a 100 percent effort. That’s what I did, so the sky is the limit.”

On his performance at the NFL Combine:
“I thought I did well. I could’ve done better if I wasn’t a little banged up. But everything happens for a reason, and God blessed me to go out there. I mean, I don’t have a serious injury, so things are great. I have to get better, get in better shape and get after it. I felt good about today and everybody else did, too.”

On what he needs to improve:
“I have everything to improve on. I’m not perfect. Everything. Every part of my game needs improvement because I’m not the best…yet.”

On having regrets about leaving UCLA early:
“Sometimes – I have a lot of friends back here. But I made the right decision for me and my family, and I just felt it was time to go. I’m happy with my decision. The past it the past, and I have to look forward.”

On his attitude:
“You have to be humble. You can’t be cocky. Anything can happen. A lot of people say I’m a first-round draft pick, but I don’t really know. I know I played hard, had a lot of good stats this past season. I think I deserve it.”

On the difference between a workout warrior and a proven commodity, like Price with 22.5 tackles for loss (whoops):
“Uh, 23-and-a-half, but yeah, the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. But working hard is part of the game, too, and you have to come out here and show what you can do. It’s all part of the draft process.”

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  • bc

    If Brian was a UCLA basketball star I’d agree with coming out early, being a UCLA football star he’s just another good big man coming out of college a year to early. Good luck to you big guy. You leave a lot of bruin faithful rooting for you.