Quotables: Kevin Prince

On the general feeling going into spring ball:
“We’re real excited, just by the mere fact of how well the offseason went. We finished strong last year with that bowl win. I think that set us off on a good note into the offseason, kinda carried over and showed. Everyone was coming out working, getting faster and stronger. We just had a meeting yesterday with Coach Neuheisel, and he said it’s time. It’s no longer time for people to hope that we get up to the upper echelon of the Pac-10, it’s the time they expect that we’re supposed to be up there. This spring ball is going to be big for us to get a head start on the season, get the offseason going, we’re going to do a couple new things there. It’s time that when people expect it, we fulfill these expectations.”

On the expectations, in terms of number of wins:
“It’s nice to pick a number to shoot for, but it’s always tough to do that. Last year, when people asked that question, we kinda dodged it. We said, make a bowl. And obviously we’ve gotta make a bowl this year. But for me, I don’t know how many wins it’s going to take, but I want to be competing for that Pac-10 championship spot. However many wins that takes, that’s what I want to compete for.”

On spring ball being a different kind of challenge than fall camp:
“You have to approach it as you’re competing to get spots for fall camp. That’s kinda what spring is – throw a bunch of guys in there and see who can respond and who can’t. Just making sure for guys who got a lot of playing time last year like myself, going out there and solidifying yourself as a guy who should be out there. Not going out there and making mistakes you made last year. Building, moving forward. Just getting better step-by-step. I was telling Al earlier that last year for me I was just trying to get that starting spot. This year, it’s more I have to go out there and become the leader, become the guy. Solidify myself as the man on offense.”

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  • Ley

    Nice! A Pac-10 Championship is a great goal. Obtaining a Pac-10 championship brings along all the other acolades, but first things first!

  • Watty

    Drill #1 for Prince: Slide Kid!!

    Great answers, great attitude, and he’s right – It’s time.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s time”… Love it! September can’t arrive fast enough.

  • Matin

    Not buying into Prince just yet.