Quotables: Kevin Prince, Pt. 2

On finding a go-to receiver:
“I don’t feel like it’s that important. I feel like we’ve got enough guy to where we don’t need a go-to-guy. With Taylor (Embree) and Nelson (Rosario) and now Josh Smith in the mix and Morrell Presley stepping up and Cory Harkey, all those guys, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a need for that go-to guy, which is good, because that makes the defense have to respect everybody that’s on the field. With everybody more experienced now and the weapons we have, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a need to have the No. 1 target.”

On his offseason training:
“Coach Linn has kind of a goal weight for us, and for me it was 230 pounds. In the first two weeks of the offseason I got up to 230 and I’ve maintained that. I ran a 4.53 in the 40, and I can’t remember my shuttle time. I think it was in the high 4.3’s area. I think I was at 215 toward the end of last season. After the jaw, I tried to get back up to 215. I feel like we all made big gains (this offseason); I feel stronger, a lot healthier. I couple times a week I went in with Anthony Venute and Dale Rudd and those guys and just did rehab with the shoulder and that’s feeling good. I threw four days this week and I don’t feel any soreness in my shoulder. I think it’s the little games like that that will help us.”

On The Wall:
“No. It’s time. We can’t be doing that kind of stuff anymore. It gives a whole bad perception for the program. When people see us doing that, we don’t take us seriously. If that talk gets brought up, we’re going to have to squash it real quick.”

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  • Sid

    230 is a solid number for him, especially if he’s still running a 4.53 40 time. It will really improve his durability. A 4.3ish shuttle time for a QB is huge too, that lateral movement ability is essential for avoiding sacks.

    This kid is just bursting with confidence. I love it.

  • spedjones

    notice no mention of Randall Carroll… will be interesting to see if he steps up too.

  • Anonymous

    re: Sid’s comment

    It’s great to see that Prince is bulking up yet retaining his speed. Unfortunately, unless he’s building facial muscles, being 230lbs won’t do anything to protect his jaw if he keeps running head first. Every fan, team mate and coach needs to yell “slide, dammit, slide!”

    In Spring practice, I say the coaches attach a shock collar for every time he tries to slide head first. It’s incredibly stupid and endangers the season. He needs to stop that trend. Now.

  • Anonymous

    Rooting hard for Brehaut to win the job…

  • danny

    Gaining speed AND size at the same time is impressive. He never ran a 4.53 before in his LIFE before last week. Whatever those strength and conditioning coaches are doing, it’s working.