Quotables: Rahim Moore

Why are you so optimistic going into spring ball?
UCLA safety Rahim Moore: “We have more hard-workers now, a lot of guys who’ve got a chip on their shoulder. A lot of guys are hungrier. That’s a good thing. Everybody is hungry for wins. Our strength and conditioning coaches have done a good job as far as getting us ready and getting us stronger. I have a lot of expectations for the team this year and I can’t wait for spring ball to kick off.”

Coach Neuheisel said the goal for this season was eight or more wins…
Moore: “Nah, not enough. Ten is enough. Twelve is the ultimate goal; that’s everybody’s goal. That’s the main goal.”

How important is the continuity going into Year 3 of the Neuheisel Era?
“Our camaraderie is a lot better; we’ve all been in the program for two, three years now. For a lot of us, this is our second big spring. Now we’ve seen the system, we’ve been through the practices, we know the pace and everything. We know the goals we want to accomplish.”

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  • Anonymous

    Umm…thirteen is enough Rahim. Love the enthusiasm but I’m pretty sure you meant to say thirteen and not twelve.

  • Anonymous

    Umm … maybe he was sticking to regular season goals.