Quotables: Reggie Carter

On what Pro Day means to him:
“Business, man, this will make-or-break you. Today was the day I’ve been waiting for since I was a baby, a little kid, especially since I’ve been here at UCLA. It was an important day.”

On his performance:
I had my ups-and-downs. I thought I started off pretty good. Probably should’ve finished a little better. You take it for what it was. You lose some, you win some. It’s really about how mentally tough you are. So I had a cool day, it wasn’t great. Hopefully I’ll be given another opportunity to show what I can do. Good thing is there’s always time to improve. I’m still young.”

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Quotables: Brian Price

On Pro Day:
“It’s a job interview, that’s how you have to approach it. The only two things I control are my attitude and effort. I came out here with a good attitude and I’m willing to give a 100 percent effort. That’s what I did, so the sky is the limit.”

On his performance at the NFL Combine:
“I thought I did well. I could’ve done better if I wasn’t a little banged up. But everything happens for a reason, and God blessed me to go out there. I mean, I don’t have a serious injury, so things are great. I have to get better, get in better shape and get after it. I felt good about today and everybody else did, too.”

On what he needs to improve:
“I have everything to improve on. I’m not perfect. Everything. Every part of my game needs improvement because I’m not the best…yet.”

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Quotables: Kevin Prince, Pt. 2

On finding a go-to receiver:
“I don’t feel like it’s that important. I feel like we’ve got enough guy to where we don’t need a go-to-guy. With Taylor (Embree) and Nelson (Rosario) and now Josh Smith in the mix and Morrell Presley stepping up and Cory Harkey, all those guys, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a need for that go-to guy, which is good, because that makes the defense have to respect everybody that’s on the field. With everybody more experienced now and the weapons we have, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a need to have the No. 1 target.”

On his offseason training:
“Coach Linn has kind of a goal weight for us, and for me it was 230 pounds. In the first two weeks of the offseason I got up to 230 and I’ve maintained that. I ran a 4.53 in the 40, and I can’t remember my shuttle time. I think it was in the high 4.3’s area. I think I was at 215 toward the end of last season. After the jaw, I tried to get back up to 215. I feel like we all made big gains (this offseason); I feel stronger, a lot healthier. I couple times a week I went in with Anthony Venute and Dale Rudd and those guys and just did rehab with the shoulder and that’s feeling good. I threw four days this week and I don’t feel any soreness in my shoulder. I think it’s the little games like that that will help us.”

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Quotables: Rahim Moore

Why are you so optimistic going into spring ball?
UCLA safety Rahim Moore: “We have more hard-workers now, a lot of guys who’ve got a chip on their shoulder. A lot of guys are hungrier. That’s a good thing. Everybody is hungry for wins. Our strength and conditioning coaches have done a good job as far as getting us ready and getting us stronger. I have a lot of expectations for the team this year and I can’t wait for spring ball to kick off.”

Coach Neuheisel said the goal for this season was eight or more wins…
Moore: “Nah, not enough. Ten is enough. Twelve is the ultimate goal; that’s everybody’s goal. That’s the main goal.”

How important is the continuity going into Year 3 of the Neuheisel Era?
“Our camaraderie is a lot better; we’ve all been in the program for two, three years now. For a lot of us, this is our second big spring. Now we’ve seen the system, we’ve been through the practices, we know the pace and everything. We know the goals we want to accomplish.”

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Quotables: Kevin Prince

On the general feeling going into spring ball:
“We’re real excited, just by the mere fact of how well the offseason went. We finished strong last year with that bowl win. I think that set us off on a good note into the offseason, kinda carried over and showed. Everyone was coming out working, getting faster and stronger. We just had a meeting yesterday with Coach Neuheisel, and he said it’s time. It’s no longer time for people to hope that we get up to the upper echelon of the Pac-10, it’s the time they expect that we’re supposed to be up there. This spring ball is going to be big for us to get a head start on the season, get the offseason going, we’re going to do a couple new things there. It’s time that when people expect it, we fulfill these expectations.”

On the expectations, in terms of number of wins:
“It’s nice to pick a number to shoot for, but it’s always tough to do that. Last year, when people asked that question, we kinda dodged it. We said, make a bowl. And obviously we’ve gotta make a bowl this year. But for me, I don’t know how many wins it’s going to take, but I want to be competing for that Pac-10 championship spot. However many wins that takes, that’s what I want to compete for.”
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