Neuheisel ON: Pt. 1

On what he was most impressed by:
“Just the energy. The absolute anticipation just for the clock as it counted down for stretching – that means a great deal of investment was put in during the Winter quarter. They’re ready to show what they’re capable of. That’s across the board. Lots of young guys doing some fun things.
As you look at guys Taylor Embree and Nelson Rosario – they seem like old guys because they’re beginning all of their second spring – it’s fun to see these guys look mature, look the part and know what lies ahead for us. It’s true on the defensive side, watching Rahim Moore and Akeem Ayers run around like they’ve been there forever. That’s fun.”

On expectations:
“We’ve got have an urgency about us this spring. We’re more capable physically, but we also have higher expectations both internally and externally. We have to keep the momentum of the program. From year one to year two, there was improvement. Now we have to make sure there’s equal improvement now as we go from year two to year three, which will be a tall order given the month of September and the schedule and so forth. There can be no time wasted, which is why I think guys were so excited and things got real physical even though we were in shorts.”

On Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut:
“People say he’s a sophomore and you still worry that he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he has a full year of experience. He spent a lot of time looking at himself throughout the past year and realizing all the different things he could’ve done better. When you go in there, there’s no wonder what it’s going to be like. He knows what it’s going to be like. He’s excited about the chance to go out and be a year better. If today is any indication, I think he’s going to have a sensational year. The other guy, Richard Brehaut, I think is also a gifted guy, and he needs to take that challenge. Take the little experience he garnered a year ago and make that beneficial to himself so that he can prove that he really can play at this level. I know that he can. I’m excited to watch both of those guys.”

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  • new school

    please, no leaving over the wall nonsense this season.

    Start a new positive tradition, already

    How about jumping over the wall to get in?