Spring has sprung

Out here for the first day of UCLA spring football practice, and it’s a beautiful day for football. Guys have an extra spring in their steps, and you can tell they were itching to get out there.

I’ll be focusing on the offense mostly today, but is there anyone in particular you’d like a brief report on? I’ll try to take a look.

Also, after a brief look at the roster, I noticed only FIVE players returning with three varsity letters – Forbath, Yount, Kia, Savage and Ramirez. That’s a shockingly low number, and while Neuheisel says the youth excuse is over, I’m not so sure it is.

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  • sandiegobruinfan

    I’d like to know whether Brehaut’s management of the offense has improved. Even if he doesn’t beat out Prince, I’d still like to see competition at the spot and have him continue to push Prince.

    How does Aaron Hester look after all the injuries last fall?

    Does Josh Smith appear to be “the home run hitter” on offense?

    Thanks for the word as always.

  • gregg

    I haven’t heard too much about Franklin, how is offseason went and what goals he had. Also did he get faster , bigger, stronger? Thanks Gregg.

  • Anonymous

    Could you provide a report on Knox, J. Smith & Hasiak?

  • Anonymous

    How are the QB reps being split? Hows Crissman looking?

  • Anonymous

    On the first day, who looks like front runners for open positions?

  • Anonymous

    How big is the crowd?

  • Anon

    Is prince wearing a mouth piece?

  • Camera Man

    Did Blair Angulo get the last Flip Video in Los Angeles? I like the clips he provides.

  • Brutus

    maybe an article on the MLBs — Sloan, Golper, Larimore

  • Anonymous

    where are the updates????