Questions for podcast

Ben Olson and I planned to do a podcast today, but he got called into work and now I’ll do a quick one solo. I’ll talk UCLA’s pro day, the first day of spring practice, a little UCLA hoops and if anyone has any questions, I’ll try to answer a few.


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  • No name

    What are your thoughts on Bobo Morgan being dismissed? I think this reflects very badly on Howland because (1) by most all accounts Morgan wasn’t a trouble maker, and is in good academic standing and (2) it sends a message that you aren’t guaranteed a scholarship or the opportunity to finish out your education at UCLA –if I were an opposing coach I’d use this as ammunition when recruiting head-to-head against UCLA. Can you share any more of the “why” he was dismissed instead of just left on the bench? Many other players have underperformed and yet weren’t dismissed.

  • mike04

    Did you happen to notice if the Rams had a rep on UCLA’s Pro Day? I’m hoping Price goes to the Rams if he falls into the 2nd rd.

  • Anonymous

    what do you think about e3’s recommendation to rename the Pistol offense to the “Six Shooter”?

    I think its an awesome idea.

  • diehardbruin

    You’re doing a great job on Spring Football Jon!!! Thank you!!!

  • gregg

    If the NFL doesn’t work out for olsen or craft , have you heard any of them maybe wanting to coach I think they could be good coaches. Is that something you can ask them, or already know . Also would love your thoughts on any UCLA alum that might be a great coach. Thanks Gregg

  • Anonymous

    One more vote for “Six-Shooter”. May be you should have a poll.

  • gregg

    Oh although I wish all Bruins luck in the NFL I don’t think our qbs were good enough , but I do wish them luck just being a realist .

  • BigDbruin

    Jon, my guess is when Brehaut committed to UCLA he was pretty sure he would be the starting qb by now. How has Neu been able to keep him from souring on the situation?
    Or has he?

  • 99bruin

    I heard morgan(an maybe 2 more) were border line(grade wise)…That’s why there’s NO favors for the up coming class!Any truth to this?..Thx jon in advance!

  • mike04

    In the eyes of CRN and Chow, what does Knox need to do in order to get more PT? Should we expect one of the true freshman DT’s starting on opening day?

  • Anonymous

    How does prince look and did he were number 4

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I heard that you heard what I heard about what they told you he heard.

    I have heard enough!

    It is getting pretty bad when BLOGGERS have unnamed sources. Please, we can all understand if a legit reporter uses an unnamed source. But, I can’t handle the blogger that ‘heard’ things!

  • 99bruin

    All right jackss!It’s someone in admin.(pick1!!)…(my neighbor hermosa bch)..enough’s!MR ULTIMATE BALL WASHER!!!..LOL..