• Carl Landry’s Teeth

    So I guess all black UCLA football uniforms “because the kids dig that stuff” are out of the question?

  • Keith


  • Reformed Droog

    Well, I guess we can expect to continue to have more injuries compared to schools that go with other brands.

    Or are we still blaming the practice field?

    Or was it the strength and training regime?

  • wk

    I think they are required to stick with Adidas until they finally sell the last remaining Toledo era Serif numeral jerseys.

    But when those are gone…look out, they might even offer a customized CURRENT jersey. Might even consider home …AND away versions.

  • PUSC 3

    so we’re stuck with ugly ass adidas gear for how many years?

  • bruin78

    Sorry guys, but I love Adidas and this is great news to me.