Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) When is suc finally have to pay for cheating? I want all the teams in the P10 to compete fair and square—not buy their team. – Tony
I believe late April is the target date.

2) Any word on Kevin Craft getting a graduate assistant role for next season? – Ryan
I think he’s still exploring possible playing options for the time being.

3) Your thoughts on Urban Meyer going off an the reporter for accurately quoting a player. How would you have handled this? – Anonymous
I would’ve handled exactly as the reporter did – take my lumps, realize Meyer is just protecting his players, and meet with him in person. I understand Meyer’s perspective and the reporter’s perspective.

4) What are your thoughts on nike going after Tom Izzo for the ducks job? – TheUCLAN
No shot in the world. And I doubt Tubby Smith, either.

5) So now that BoBo is transferring (where to?) and Malcolm is likely declaring for the NBA … what do you think about the overall success of that recruiting class? – Anonymous
I think it was Greg Hicks over at Scout who made a great point about the subject, and I echoed his thoughts on the latest podcast. Look, college basketball has changed to the point that “classes” don’t mean anything anymore. In college football, where players are bound for three years, yeah, a class means something. Multiple juniors don’t often opt out for the draft from the same school, so a class is together for all four years quite often. These are individuals, and with the way AAU infiltrates their minds from the time they’re about 10, they’re very, very egocentric individuals. Not saying all basketball players are jerks, certainly not. But they all look out for themselves. If you would’ve told Drew, Jerime, Malcolm and Bobo that they’d be in the first round after a year like Jrue, they would’ve bounced, too. That’s the way it works these days. That being said…the overall success of the class as it stands right now is pretty bad.

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  • Sid

    Where is all this “Malcolm Lee is declaring for the NBA” crap coming from??

    The kid has ZERO chance at getting drafted this year, he’s not anywhere close to being one of the top rated players at either guard position.

    The only place I see this rumor is in the comment section of this blog. I can’t believe anyone is telling him he has a chance…even sleazy agent-types.

  • MaltBaa

    Can someone post a link somewhere where it states malcolm lee is going to enter the draft?

  • Anonymous

    Malcolm Lee rates only slightly better than former Bruin Rico Hines…Where does he think he fits into the NBA? His talent is marginal at best. As much as I hate to berate any UCLA player, I have yet to see his true “shine” to make me even think he should be wearing one of our hallowed uniforms at all.I mean the pros?! Who is this guy?

  • NBA Scout

    Malcome Lee likely declaring for the NBA draft? hahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Chad Ford has Malcolm Lee as “one foot in the door” which he says are “Players who are leaning toward declaring for the draft but haven’t officially announced their intentions”

    Also he has Malcolm as the 7th ranked PG in this years draft (here’s the top-10):
    Point Guard
    1 (1) John Wall 6-4 185 19 Kentucky No. 1 pick
    2 (15) Eric Bledsoe 6-1 190 20 Kentucky Late lottery to mid first round
    3 (30) Willie Warren 6-4 210 20 Oklahoma Mid to late first round
    4 (54) Kemba Walker 6-1 172 19 Connecticut Second round to undrafted
    5 (57) Armon Johnson 6-3 195 21 Nevada Late first to early second
    6 (58) Tyshawn Taylor 6-3 180 19 Kansas Second round to undrafted
    7 (59) Malcolm Lee 6-5 180 19 UCLA Late first to early second
    8 (62) Kalin Lucas 6-0 180 20 Michigan State Late first to early second
    9 (64) Sherron Collins 5-11 200 23 Kansas Late first to early second
    10 (67) Jimmer Fredette 6-2 195 21 BYU Second round to undrafted

  • DonkeyBruin

    According to NBADraft.net, he is declaring and will go to the Lakers in the late 2nd round. What a horrible decision.


  • Biff

    Please declare for the NBA draft thus ending your basketball career. You’ll be sitting behind Lamb and hopefully Jones or Ziegler anyway.

  • Semi-Pro

    I don’t buy those Chad Ford rankings for one minute. Does he really believe Malcolm Lee is better than say, Greivis Vasquez, Jerome Randle, Nic Wise, and about a dozen other point guards I could name off the top of my head??

    I COULD see him declaring, but not hiring an agent to test the waters, but there’s NO WAY he actually leaves. It would be just an awful, awful, awful decision.

  • spedjones

    come on people, wake up. The NBA doesn’t draft on “good” they draft on potential. Jrue sucked last year and look where that landed him. Doesn’t matter that Lee’s no good now – if they think he can be good they’ll take him. And if the only reason for college BB for Lee is to get to the NBA, why wait?