Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Can you please weigh in on this Howland/DePaul ordeal? Was there any truth to that, or just rumors being hyped up in the media? – Robert
The rumors first came up in some random Chicago blog weeks ago and were roundly ignored, and all of a sudden gained new life out of nowhere. I never believed them and I still don’t.

2) What school has the best chance of landing Ray McCallum or Trey Zeigler? – Trueblue
Just got off the phone with McCallum’s coach, Kurt Keener, and he said Ray was at the Final Four with his dad and then off to Louisville for the Derby Classic. The longer it goes, the better I think it bodes for McCallum Sr. and Detroit. Josh Smith told me last week that McCallum was close to committing to UCLA, though, so who knows. McCallum has been flooded with media requests, and it’s tough to get a hold of him. Zeigler, meanwhile, is a toss-up for me. I’m a little interested to see what goes on over the next two weeks in terms of UCLA’s coaching situation, and then we’ll see. Very complex situation.

3) Jon, how come no word, thoughts, posts, etc. regarding the Depaul – Howland talks? Even if this is dead in the water…? – UCLASteve
Because the rumors came and went in about one hour. Not even worthy of comment. We’re talking DePaul here. Unless you’re fired, you don’t go from UCLA to DePaul. Howland reveres this job more than any coach I’ve ever met reveres his job. He wasn’t and isn’t going anywhere.

4) How effective do you think Brehaut can be if Prince gets injured again? What about Crissman? – San Diego Therapist.
I need to see a little more poise from Brehaut to make me a believer. He has the physical talent, but is still raw. He’s also very, very young. Crissman isn’t getting enough looks to pass judgment. Ask me again in a week.

5) Don’t know if this has been asked and answered, but my questions relate to the TE position. Do you see UCLA using it more in the passing game this year? Also, who do you see as the leading “pass catching” TE this season? Thanks for the hard work. – JJA42
I definitely see more of a tight end emphasis this season with the maturation of Cory Harkey and the arrival of Joseph Fauria. Fauria is a huge target, and truly, you can’t grasp his size without seeing him in pads and against other players. He has four-five inches on almost all of them. It’s really astounding. It’s a little too early to tell which one will be the primary target.

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  • Anonymous

    you better hope nestor doesn’t read your comments about howland and depaul, or else he might go off on a tangent about how little you know about how the media works and how ignorant and blind you must be for not believing that howland was on the verge of leaving.

  • Anonymous

    Howland’s agent was contacted, we know that much.

    How much Howland was interested, we don’t know.