Mike Moser transferring

From UCLA:

UCLA men’s basketball head coach Ben Howland announced today that 6-foot-8-inch freshman forward Mike Moser will not be returning for next season. Moser, from Portland, Ore., and Grant High School, will transfer to play his final years at another school.

Moser will leave UCLA after the spring quarter and hasn’t made a decision as to where he will transfer.

“Mike is a good kid, a great student and a very hard worker,” Howland said. “I have enjoyed having him in our program. He has a great attitude and I’m supportive of him finding a program where he will have a chance to play more minutes than we envision he will have here.”

Moser averaged 0.6 points and 0.5 rebounds per game while appearing in 15 of the 32 contests without making a start during the 2009-10 season. He played in 70 minutes (4.7 minutes per game) while shooting 20.0 percent (4-for-20) from the field and 9.1 percent (1-for-11) from three-point range on the year. His season high of three points (came on his only three-pointer of the year), was in the 69-67 loss to then No. 12 Butler on Nov. 27, 2009.

“The way the season worked out for me this year, I feel it is necessary for me personally, to make a move somewhere else so I can play,” Moser said. “I have enjoyed my time here at UCLA and have built great relationships with my coaches and teammates. I’m going to stay in Division I and haven’t spoken to anyone at all about playing. I won’t rush into a decision. I’ll just wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.”

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  • LEY

    OK….Now i am a little worried about the program!!! I was actually looking forward to seeing Moser next year along side the big man….What is going on Jon?? I know he did not see much playing time but?

  • Jono

    Wow……… not sure what to think of this. Stover > Moser I assume? By how much?

  • Rob M

    Are we going to be able to get some background dish on what the hell is going on with the BB team??

    1. Drew Gordon. – I guess it’s understandable at the time. Personality conflict, headcase/immature, frustration with losing, etc. etc. Huge loss because he was turning into a monster. (Hate to say it but he’d probably get drafted to the L if he stayed to his senior year.)

    2. Bobo Morgan – Didn’t seem to fit or “care”. Probably best for team and him to go separate ways.

    3. Mike Moser – Now what?!? He seemed like a good personality kid. Howland didn’t give him (or other deserving young guys) playing time this year, but those minutes should be there now that Dragovic and Keefe are gone. C=Smith, Stover; F=Nelson, Honeycutt, Lane and ??? (Moser)

    So…. what the hell is going on?!? Is this about a larger issue like personality or philosophy? Geez, as much as I think we need a better offense, I hope this latest transfer is really just about lack of minutes. I stand by Coach Howland, but it doesn’t speak highly if kids are giving up on you/your system.

  • JerzeyBruin

    Stover is purely a 5 while Moser is more of a 3/4. I don’t think they would have competed for time. Honeycutt would have likely received most of the minutes at the 3 while I’m not sure about the 4 spot. I assume it will be mostly Nelson and Lane. I can barely remember who is left on this team.

  • Blue Bruin

    Given how Bobo and Moser turned out, I’m pretty sure Howland is done taking recruits who didn’t have UCLA as their first choice. (Both players backed out of their original commitments–LSU and Arizona, respectively– following coaching changes.

  • ABrew4You

    Settle down Bruin Nation

    Stover and Moser must stink if they ride the pine ALL year. Stover is next to transfer. He played against nobody in small schools Div 5 CIF (out here in So Cal) His high school was tiny and played my high school..against a bunch of physically challenged (height-wise) players…I’d also like to see Anderson transfer (D3 prospect), fire the trainer and the ast. coaches who ever recruited these kids.

    We will be in the N.I.T. nxt yr, not the big dance unless some stud Frosh come in….

    WE ARE going the right direction…Hello Ray, Trey etc…

  • Tyler Honeycutt

    I’m transferring too.

  • Ted

    Good. Another guy who was not what I could call UCLA caliber or at least the UCLA caliber I’m accustomed to and another scholarship open. I agree, I wish Anderson would go too. The next couple weeks are going to be interesting. Howland is smart to cut his losses and regroup. He must believe in Anderson. Three big name recruits (it is nice to hope) and all these guys who left will be forgotten.

  • la_bruin

    Couple thoughts:

    * This reeks of a student athlete going ‘all-in’ against Coach Howland & staff with an ultimatum about his role on the team & the amount of playing time he’ll get next year. With Moser not having any alternative schools at the ready, I highly doubt Coach Howland would have “suggested he leave” given that Moser did show occasional glimpses of promise.

    * I don’t think anyone here was seriously surprised by the Morgan dismissal, right? With Josh coming in, and Bobo always being out of position or a step too slow on defense, this always seemed like a possibility.

    * Are we rebuilding? YEAH. And yes, it’s fun to play armchair hoops coach, but I think it’s important that we remember that Coach Howland’s a much better judge of hoops skill than we are, has infinitely greater knowledge of each player’s game and long term potential, and fundamentally knows how to win at the D1 level.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but unless your name is Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski, Tom Izzo, or (shudder) John Calipari, it’s probably pretty difficult to claim that you truly know a better way to guide the program. If Coach is letting this happen, he’s doing it with the full knowledge that it’s the best thing for the program.

  • BigDbruin

    Settle down?

    Kids transferring, kids leaving way too early, coaches leaving to go to inferior schools (no offense Gonzaga),no postseason tourney, a coach with a reputation of being very abrasive.

    What’s the motivation for any of these kids to come to UCLA. I understand…We have 11 titles, we have produced some of the best young players in the NBA over the last 5 years. But I am talking about today, now you have the success of Butler making it to the championship game to entice players to attend smaller schools.

    I hope BH knows what he’s doing.

  • Mike Moser

    I sat on the bench all season and watched Dragovich play. Im out!!

  • Anonymous

    Rats leaving a sinking ship. It’s too bad this program is falling so fast. Good players don’t want to play in Howlands slow pace offense. He handcuffed Collison for four years. Look for better players to stay away from Westwood as long as Howland is still walking the ball up the court and running down the shot clock.

  • ABrew4You

    Dan Guerrero passing the trophy to Coack K…nauseating

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. Good players couldn’t care less about winning and making it to the nba. Excellent take…

  • Tyler Honeycutt

    Did you not read my comment? I’m transferring. Already got my transfer papers, just waiting on signing them! No top High School prospect is going to want to come here to play DEFENSE.

  • Anonymous

    This just in to the news desk

    Nestor says it is all Dragovich’s fault. “no way does “ragovich” deserve minutes over my man Moser.” Ben Howland is an idiot who does not know anything about basketball. If Dragovich had been put in jail for his criminal behavior, UCLA would have won the national title.

  • from the sc blog

    By Scott Wolf on April 5, 2010 3:56 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) | ShareThis
    UCLA announced this afternoon that forward Mike Moser is transferring. Why do I mention it? Because Tim Floyd tried very hard to get Moser to sign with USC after Moser backed out of his original commitment to Arizona.
    It was obvious Moser was not good enough to play at UCLA (in a very down year). So that means three schools made a mistake in pursuing him. Of course, Kevin O’Neill would probably take him over Leonard Washington today.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. Honeycutt is going to play 35 minutes a game anyway so there really is no minutes for Moser next year. We are better off giving some other recruit his spot and seeing if they can be productive. Moser had his chance to earn playing time, unfortunately for him, Honeycutt beat him.

    Hello chicken littles!!! The 10th man leaving because he isn’t good enough really isn’t anything to worry about.

  • Charlie Bucket

    there defintely up side to all this: we are cleaning house and more important CBH is growing and has learned to admit his mistakes. remember how stubborn he was? this year he was forced to eat humble pie, use a zone defense and face the fact his recruits were severely misjudged.

    so he is moving the program forward and has freed up scholies. getting McCallum is huger than huge.

  • ARZBruin58

    Every Div 1 coach will have their years of players who do not show what was expected. Some do not have the ability to maintain their high school ability when they must compete at a school like UCLA on both the academic and sports demands.

    I recall players under Wooden who left school for a semester and sometimes a year in order to build their academic backround to make the transition back to UCLA easier.

    But that was an era when JC’s actually produced great teams. Today, it seems like the small colleges now fill up with the quality guys that used to go to JC and then to UCLA after a year or two.

    Check some of the great players at UCLA during the seven years of NCAA title wins and see how many were transfers from the JC’s.


    In as much as I, too, am in a state of shock with this latest news, I’ve still gotta believe in Coach Howland. He is too good, too experienced, too much of a complete “winner” to not have a grasp on our program. I say let’s have some faith. Meanwhile, I’ve got to think recent former BRUINS might want to chime in to the youngsters about the concepts of playing “D”, “Teamwork”, and “Belief” in your coaches- These guys went to THREE STRAIGHT FINAL FOURS and nearly won a championship!!! If anyone wearing a UCLA uni cannot/will not heed the teachings of our coach, I say good luck elsewhere…

  • Coach Thom

    When does basketball season end?

  • bigdbruin

    I’m confused you guys want players who aren’t one and dones but you want them to come in and play like seniors when they are frosh and sophmores. Unless you get a group like calipari did at kentucky, you can expect some growing pains. Also the way these kids are scouted these days I can’t see coaches missing on that many recruits. Regardless of where they go to high school they all play travel ball and play against the best players in the country, so you get to see them play against very good competition before you extend an offer to a kid. I like BH but would like to see him focus a little more on offense, I think he’s learned that you can’t teach a kid to play defense..because defense is all about heart. These kids learned to slide their feet, keep their hands up, etc. very early in their careers. Afflalo, Collison, Westbrook, Mbah Moute all took playing defense as a challenge and thats the type of kids you need to play man defense. What a lot of kids don’t learn is offense because most of them were able to score at will in high school. Butler reached the championship game because they played d and ran their offense very well. Don’t settle coach B, get players with heart who want to play for UCLA

  • 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 UCLA Basketball = DISASTER

  • Ten Little Bruins

    And then there were four . . . .

  • Anonymous

    nestorisatool says

    i blame CBH !!!!!

  • msalt

    Hilarious — everyone dismissed Moser as not good enough when he transferred. Hey, he was ESPN’s college player of the week last week, as a sophmore. 16 points and 18 rebounds against North Carlonia, the #1 team in America. 34 points (6 3s) against UCSB. UNLV is ranked #18.

    How’s UCLA ranked again? I forget.