Inside UCLA March Madness Pool Results

So before I get to the prize information, I just want you all to take a good hard look at No. 3. After that horrid start, I finished third of 500. Picture Jonny Drama here…VICTORY.

1 Donkey-hota 24 16 16 16 16 32 (Duke) 120 120
2 JGRE2010 23 18 20 8 16 32 (Duke) 117 117
3 Jon Gold Bracket * 20 16 16 16 16 32 (Duke) 116 116
4 SpencerStueve 23 20 16 8 16 32 (Duke) 115 115
5 Steve 22 16 12 16 16 32 (Duke) 114 114
6 bruin95grad 25 14 16 8 16 32 (Duke) 111 111
7 OsosAzul 21 12 12 16 16 32 (Duke) 109 109
8 Levi’s college fund 25 12 12 8 16 32 (Duke) 105 105
9 Rocksteady 25 20 20 16 16 0 (Kansas) 97 97
10 (UB) Ultimate Bruin 25 20 20 16 16 0 (Ohio St.) 97 97

That begs the question…to I keep the prize, or give it to Steve, folks?

The Grand Prize, to Donkey-hota (who needs to email me, BTW! is two UCLA single-game football tickets, two UCLA single-game basketball tickets and a prize package of UCLA football and basketball cards, including an autograph.

First place goes to JGRE2010:
Two UCLA single-game football tickets or a prize package of UCLA cards.

Second place goes to JON GOLD BRACKET:
Two UCLA single-game basketball tickets or a prize package of UCLA cards.

Third place goes to SpencerStueve:
A prize package of UCLA cards.

So what say you, UCLA fans…
Bump it up a notch, and give out the basketball tickets I have no use for?
Or keep it here for another contest?

Thanks to the FIVE. HUNDRED. people who signed up within two days for this contest. Pretty awesome!

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  • 12th out of 500…not too bad, not too bad.

  • Spencer

    Bump it up. I got 3rd, but the 2nd place prize is looking nice. lol.

  • UCLASteve

    Ok ok… let’s not have everyone toot their own horn now.

  • DERF18

    That was fun, Jon, thanks for setting it up.

  • Anonymous

    if third place is 2 basketball tickets, 4th place should be 4 tickets.

  • Spencer

    Yeah, bump it up a notch.

  • Steve

    Wahoo….4th place and almost in the money!


  • Steve

    Actually 5th if you count Jon’s bracket… šŸ™

  • H8T SuC

    I am the numskull that left out Duke to win it all..and had no pick. Oy i should have doubled checked it after i edit my picks.
    congrats to the winners!

  • I have no idea how the most flawed #1, this year or many other years, won it all…

    Please do this again next year!

  • King Solomon

    Sorry Jon, you shouldn’t be allowed to play in your own contest if you’re giving away the prizes. That’s like challenging your kids to see who can do the chores better, and the paying yourself their allowance.

  • Anonymous

    So your giving yourself UCLA tickets when your a UCLA beat writer…not cool

  • DonkeyBruin


    Thanks Jon. Big fan of yours now.

  • Anonymous

    bump it up!

  • mike04

    I say save it for a another contest…although, maybe I’m saying that because I had Kentucky winning it all =/

  • dolphyfan1

    If that damn shot went in at the end I would have totally gotten first prize. Only if WVU had beaten Duke would this be a glorious victory.