Neuheisel ON:

On altercations during practice:
“(It) is a good thing, now it’s just what you do about it. Tempers are going to flare in football. If they don’t, you’re not playing the right game. It’s how to monitor that. You get it to the edge, and this is the perfect place – this is our laboratory for experimenting how far you can take it and still maintain your poise.”

On UCLA’s middle linebackers:
“I’m pleased with our middle linebackers. Pat Larimore is having a great spring so far, a really, really good spring. He’s bringing the right energy, bringing great understanding; I just have to get him, when we’re in thud tempo, to stop throwing guys on the ground. That’s the only reason he keeps getting kicked out of a drill. But he’s got the makings of a really good player.”

On UCLA’s weakside linebackers:
“Weakside, our guy Westgate is doing a nice job. The question is, is he big enough to hold up? When he’s in there, he’s doing well. Glenn Love is making a nice transition to that position.”

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  • Anonymous

    what is thud tempo?

  • Keith

    “thud tempo” is our basketball offense. ;>}

  • Coach Thom

    thud tempo is the only tempo Larimore knows.

  • Joe Friday

    After scouring the internet via google…

    Thud tempo is a pace just a step below full tackling. Defensive players can hit their targets with a thud and even wrap up a ball-carrier, but they can’t take a player to the ground. Offensive players are supposed to stay up, too, instead of lowering the head and barreling forward for a couple of extra yards.

    Tracking tempo is when a defensive player practices every element of a tackle but the actual impact.

  • PowderKegBlue

    I think I like having a middle linebacker that needs to be held back a little, as opposed to a dude who is too passive.

  • BruinADub

    @Keith, perfect description. I’m picturing a Lorenzo Mata screen…