Post-practice update

* WR Josh Smith tweaked his knee, and the thought is it’s the PCL, though Neuheisel said he doesn’t expect it to be serious.

* OL Nik Abele missed practice with what Neuheisel described as a neck stinger, something he battled last year.

* TE Joseph Fauria (groin), WR Taylor Embree (concussion) and C Kai Maiava (shoulder) missed practice and are expected back soon.

* Neuheisel: “I hope Fauria and Embree will be ready on Thursday, and Josh is not major and can be back as well.”

* Ricky Marvray moved into the first rotation with Smith’s injury and had a number of good catches, including back-to-back grabs from Kevin Prince.

* Prince again impressed with his deep ball, and many were taking notice.

* There were several heated skirmishes that were quashed quickly, but players were removed from the field for instigating.

* Neuheisel Opening Statement: “Good day, fun to get out there and be live. There were plays where it looks ragged as can be because we put in some new offensive stuff today that is not quite up to speed. But those are growing pains when you’re trying things and experimenting. Hopefully as we build toward Sunday, which will be our first major scrimmage, we’ll get a lot of that hammered out and feel better with it.”

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  • Blue Bruin

    What should we make of the skirmishes? Anything serious enough to really affect chemistry?

  • Sid

    That practices are competitive and players have a lot of fire.

  • Coach Thom

    So far Stan hasn’t kneed, kicked, or stomped on anybody. That’s all good.

  • spedjones

    just as long as Stan’s keeping his cool…