Quotables: Kevin Prince

On the wide receiver corps improving:
“We had a strong receiving corps last year with Nelson and Taylor and TA, but with Josh being eligible now, and Cory Harkey really stepping up and Joe helping out and Ricky having that mentality and the way he plays, we have weapons out there.”

On Ricky Marvray:
“I’m really confident in Ricky. We talk a lot, and he just has this love for football. The background of his phone said ‘Football is Life,’ and it’s real. He’s one of those guys you want to play with. He’s out here making plays, as opposed to last year, when it was tough for him because he really wasn’t getting what was going on.”

On certain wideouts becoming go-to guys:
“I disagree with the fact that you can plug in anybody. There are certain guys with certain qualities that make them better than others. More than anything, it’s a matter of being on the same page with the quarterback. Ricky last year was not on the same page as me. Now he is. It’s that kind of confidence – it’s third-and-long, game-winning type of a situation where we’re trying to put together a drive – where you’re looking for those receivers you’re comfortable with. Last year, for me, at Oregon State we had Nelson and Taylor and I was comfortable with them and we were making plays at the end of the game. Ricky is kinda growing into that role. Same with Jerry Johnson – he’s another guy who really didn’t know left from right last year. Well he’s learned, he’s gotten stronger, faster, and he’s more confident. Overall, we’ll have a bunch of guys to choose from.”

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  • Anonymous

    Prince “knew right from left” last year?