Quotables: Ricky Marvray

Jon Gold: How have you changed this offseason?
Ricky Marvray: “Me as a person, I’m a little more patient now. Coming off of a redshirt year, you learn to have patience. I’m trying to get in the playbook a lot, and when I do get in there, I’m just trying to make plays.”

JG: What do you want to become?
RM: “I want to be known as that guy who always catches the ball. Yeah, making the blocks, but more so, I play wide receiver, and what do we do? We catch the ball. I want to be known as the guy, when I throw him the ball, he’ll catch it. I’m not trying to be sometimesy.

JG: Talk about working better with Kevin Prince this season:
RM: “KP, first of all, is a great quarterback, but he is looking for us now. I think he has a little more trust in his wide receiver corps this year. Not to undermine last year’s, but this year, I think we make more plays. He should feel more confident in us and what we can do. Our lockers are right next to each other, and I always just let him know, ‘If you’re scrambling, you can look for No. 20.'”

JG: So you’re in his ear every minute, right?
RM: “I’m in his ear a lot, actually. I’m telling him all the time that if he ever has a doubt in his mind and he sees 20, let it go. I’m not going to let him down.”

JG: Who’s on the other side of Prince?
RM: “Mooch (Antwon Moutra) is on the right, and he doesn’t really say much. I’m always in his ear.”

JG: Prince said your phone background says “Football is Life” – how true is it for you?
RM: Yeah, football is a major part of my life. God is always first, and then school and then football. It’s really important. When I’m out here, I’m not just out here for fun. This isn’t a pastime. This is my passion. When I’m out here, I’m 150 percent every play. I’m not out here by mistake. This is not an accident. I’m out here to do work.”

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