Maybe some good news?

ESPN LA reporter Blair Angulo caught up with UCLA rising junior guard Malcolm Lee on Thursday night and Lee made it known.
“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t coming back,” Lee told Angulo.
Lee told Angulo he was at 186 pounds and hoped to be up to the low-200s by next season.

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  • Blue Bruin

    Where, exactly, would Lee go? (And don’t say pro because that’s a huge joke!)

  • Biff

    Why am I not shocked by this news?

  • anon

    A joke? If Jack Haley can sit on the NBA bench all those years, why can’t Lee do it? NBA team will a roll dice on those McDonald’s guys…

  • Now I am excited about the state of Bruin Hoops.

  • Anonymous

    Lee doesn’t have the personality of Haley, nor his business smart.

  • l.a. steve

    With his work ethic and defensive ability — and if Malcom Lee is working with Westbrook’s trainer — twenty four pounds of additional size and muscle strength means to me, barring injury, we shouldn’t expect him back for his senior year.

  • rejn

    Maybe is the key word. Good News? Why? Only because we need bodies? I wasn’t very imnpressed with Lee at all. On the other hand, I wasn’t impressed with too many others on the team this past season. Played out of postion? “Maybe-“

  • Anonymous

    Where you impressed with Howland? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    Like him or not we need him. He’s our top returning scorer. We should stop talking trash about him here cuz as we all know the athletes all read this blog and make their decisions based on our comments. Look what its done to Bobo, Drew, Moser, and Donny Daniels. Dragovic is a wreck.

  • anonymous

    its more difficult to be impressed with Lee for me when we’re playing a zone defense. Early in the season the best part of going to games was watching Lee play defense.

  • Malcolm Lee decided to stay for another year?? I don’t want to sound mean, but he won’t even be starting next year at UCLA so why would he think he can play at the next level?