Keenan Graham doesn’t crack

You look huge…
“I’ve just been in the weight room, the offseason helped a lot. I got bigger, but I was able to keep my speed, too.”

How important is it for you not just to add muscle, but bulk as well?
“It’s really important – I was excited to come out here and see what this added bulk would help me with. It’s helped me a lot in the trenches. I’ve gotten a lot stronger since last year, been able to engage the tackles, drive them back. Maintain gap responsibility, play the run better. ”

I watched you play in Vegas, and you were primarily a rush end. How has that changed?
“I used to consider myself just a pass-rushing defensive end, and I wanted to add that run-stopping aspect to my game. You need that also. You can’t just get pushed around out there. If I want to be an every-down defensive end, I’m going to have to play the run and the pass.”

How big are you now and how big do you want to be?
“I’m up to 245, and last year I was at 228-230. I was thinking 255, 260, around that area. I think that will be a good weight for me to still keep my speed up. That’s probably what I’ll end up being at.”

How has your spring gone?
“It’s going pretty well; I’m starting to use some of the techniques coach Howard had taught us, and I’m doing pretty well. All of us are making some mistakes up front, but we take it as a learning experience. The exciting thing about spring ball is we have many opportunities. You can mess up one day, come back out and get it tomorrow.”