EXCLUSIVE: Chat with Oaks Christian TE/DE Dillon Van Der Wal

I caught up with Oaks Christian tight end/defensive end Dillon Van Der Wal a couple days ago, and he is very, very high on UCLA. A massive target in the mold of Joseph Fauria at 6-foot-8, 225 pounds, Van Der Wal is emerging as one of the premier end prospects out west.
Defensively, Van Der Wal had 14 sacks and 70 tackles, with 15 receptions and three scores on offense for the Lions.
He is getting pumped up by UCLA signees Malcolm Jones and Cassius Marsh, and is working his way toward an offer.

Here’s his profile, and interview after the jump: Van Der Wal

On coming out to the scrimmage with several top recruits:
“It’s awesome here. They had a huge recruiting class, and now UCLA is the up-and-coming school, the one that everyone wants to be at. A lot of us know each other, so it’s real cool hanging out, and you try to build a program that way.”

On his UCLA recruitment:
“I’m going to come to the camp on the sixth, and I think they’ll come to my practice. We’ll see where it goes from there. This is one of my schools. This is big for me. Staying close to home, can’t be Westwood, the weather here. The people, the fans, the staff here is awesome. All the coaches are just great.”

On the momentum changing at UCLA:
“Definitely the ball is starting to roll in the right direction. Just from my school, Cassius and Malcolm both saw it. Cassius was committed to LSU and he changed his mind, because he saw it. He saw what UCLA had the potential to be, and now he’s here trying to make it that. Everyone is starting to see it. UCLA is going to be the powerhouse in the south now. Not SC.”

On having Cassius and Malcolm as mentors:
“I’ve been talking to Cassius and Malcolm a lot. They talk me up to the coaches, and they talk UCLA up to me. It’s awesome having them coming here and knowing people, and see how the whole process went for them.”

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  • Anonymous

    “UCLA is going to be the powerhouse in the south now. Not SC.”

  • saxylady

    I assume that he said “UCLA is going to be the powerhouse in the south now. Not SC.”

  • gsbruin

    “USC is going to be the powerhouse in the south now. Not SC.”

    Can you clarify this?

  • pr

    Maybe he was alluding to the Gamecocks and the Old Ball Coach

  • Bruingold82

    I like this kid. =)

  • Got it fixed, guys. Thanks.

  • cerritosbruin

    Sounds like a BRUIN already. Just a matter of time and going through the motions of the recruiting dance. Welcome aboard kiddo.

  • Anonymous

    South, as in SOUTHern California.

  • Shonuff

    There aren’t many fish bigger than 6’8 220 at TE- just sayin’

  • Coach Thom

    The $UC trolls are desperately trying to downplay the winds of change that are now so obviously blowing up their collective a$$e$. The times are a’changin’, boys.

  • Anon

    Amen Coach Thom, Amen.

    Can’t help but notice the influx of Trojie trolls coming over and feeling the need to troll because of their insecurity.

  • Anonymous

    Screw football~ Does this kid play basketball? 6’8, 225…

  • Anonymous

    this kid is a complete joke, he goes to my school..hes so strong he cant post up 5 foot 10 white boys from oak park. hes actually about 6’5 215…and runs about a 5.1 40…

  • Anonymous

    hes also known as “Big Bird” cause he so clumsy and slow