Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) Which former UCLA football players participated in the recent NFL Pro day?
Price, Carter, Bosworth, Bosworth, Siewierski, Ekbatani, Verner, Austin, Paulsen, Moya, Theriot, Moline, Olson, Van, Craft and a couple others.

2) I believe that some were saying Taniela Maka would enroll in time for Spring practice. Is he enrolled? If not, did he qualify, and if so, does he still plan on playing for UCLA? – Anonymous
He recently qualified and will be here for fall camp pending completion of some JC classes.

3) Do you have any information about the collective attitute of the basketball players in response to the recent season, player departures, and coaching changes? – Anonymous
From what I gather, the remaining players have their heads on straight and are preparing to move forward from what was obviously a difficult season.

4) Did Kevin Craft participate in the pro day for ucla? if he did? how did he look? – theuclan
Yes he participated, and his numbers were pretty good: Craft

5) What are your early thoughts on the “revolver”? So far I am not impressed because QB is exposed too much, and Prince not durable. Starting third yr with Chow, sorry, but not impressed. They should have done this with Craft, he would be killing it. Hope I’m wrong. – Joe Mamma
I need to see more of the offense against live, hitting defenses to make an accurate judgment, but based on Prince’s early performance, I’d say it’s looking very good. Prince has made serious strides out there.

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  • BruinFan05

    This is more of a complaint than a question. Why has there been so little info on the basketball program? As exciting as Spring Football practice is…I would have liked some info on signing day. What are the backup plans if we dont get one of the big three… Who are the potential assistant hires… How about a little inside info…

  • UCLASteve

    Totally agree with BruinFan05. This is a critical time for Basketball with lots going on and most coverage here is only of spring ball which honestly is kinda a big bore. Spring ball does not really provide and MASSIVELY important info.