Quotables: Terrence Austin

How are you feeling a week or so before the draft?
“I’m feeling good. I’m anxious. Right now I’m really just waiting for some private workouts and hopefully I get a chance to do that, show a little of what I’ve got. Hopefully change some minds. I’m just enjoying every moment of it really.”

Realistically, where do you think you’ll land?
“Honestly, I think I can go from five through seven. Five at the highest, though I’m trying to push it a little higher than that. It all has to do with me getting in the eyes of the coaches and the GMs as a playmaker, really. I’m confident enough to say I am that type of guy. I think I had a successful career here at UCLA to back that up. I know teams have their needs, but really, I’ll take it. I just want to get into camp.”

Are you trying to sell yourself as a wideout and returner?
“That’s my agent and I have been trying to make a point of. That’s how he’s selling me, trying to present me to all the teams. That I’m definitely a double threat; I’m a receiver, but I can also play special teams. That’s something that was stressed to us here, coming up at UCLA. You had to play special teams if you wanted to be a part of the team. I know that’s a big issue in the NFL, and that’s one thing a rookie has to learn. Good thing about it is I already have a jump on that.”

Does UCLA’s rebound last season after 4-8 help your chances?
“UCLA these past couple years, we had a little down time, but I think that everybody is realizing now that we’re a force to be reckoned with. Neuheisel has definitely made a change here. Turned the program around. We have guys here who are capable of doing it. I’m one of the guys who put the team back in the run, we helped change it around. Now we’re something to look at.”

What are your draft day plans?
“Right now, I don’t know. I think for the most part, I’ll be kicking back. Sitting back, have my cell phone in my hand, just wait, watch and cheer the rest of my guys on. Then just pray for my name to come up soon.”

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  • Defender from Behind

    Hey TA,

    As long as I keep catching you you’ll be without a job in the NFL. Love your attitude though!

  • lavsmousse

    Unfortunately for TA, hope has no power. No way he gets drafted. Wishful thinking for him though.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore the naysayers. The next level, just like grad school, is just as much about determination and work ethic, as pure talent. Look forward to rooting for you on Sundays.