Quotables: Lazeric Jones

How does it feel to officially be a UCLA Bruin?
“It feels great. Relieving, now. Time to get ready for next year, though.”

You’ve been a solid verbal commit for months, was there any wavering?
“I’ve been solid. I’m confident in the decision my family and I decision made – the coaching staff, I really believe in what they’re doing. There hasn’t been wavering in the decision.”

Why UCLA? Was it only one thing or a combination?
“Well first, coming out of junior college, you can’t be too picky. This is a great opportunity, with a great program and a great coach. I want to be on this big stage, and win on this big stage.”

Did UCLA’s down season ever put doubt in your mind?
“I know the history of UCLA. They’re not going to be down for too long. Coach Howland is great, the staff is great, they’re not going to take it lying down.”

Do you anticipate coming in and starting at point guard, which was a position of concern for the Bruins last year?
“I wouldn’t mind coming in and starting, but I want to do what they need me to do. Coach has a couple of things he’s told me he wants me doing – he’s real big on my defense, wants me to stay in front of my man. He doesn’t want me to be an all-pass guy, he wants me to take shots, and hit shots. But I also want to create for my teammates.”

Will this class, including Josh Smith and Tyler Lamb, be about instant impact or do you think it will take time?
“As the year goes on, I think we’ll get better. It’s a process – just getting used to each other, getting used to the pace of the game at the Division-1 level. From what I hear, these guys are all good learners.”