Post-scrimmage update, w/stats

* UCLA had an efficient scrimmage, though the running game struggled at times. Still haven’t seen enough burst from the backs, though that is more of an offensive line issue. Need to see more consistency in the zone blocking, as guys are chipping at the first level but not advancing to the second level (the linebackers) soon enough.
* A couple of fantastic catches, one from Randall Carroll and one from Jerry Johnson, but still a couple of drops.
* More monster hits, and as I wrote yesterday, the defense really seams to be rallying around the energy of the coaching staff. Much, MUCH louder and more excited than last year.
* Kevin Prince was good, not great. Richard Brehaut had a couple great moments, but not enough good ones.
* The biggest issue seems to be the snapping from Ryan Taylor and Greg Capella, particularly after Kai Maiava went down with a left knee sprain.

Check out the stats…

Stat Leaders

Passing (PC-PA-INT-YDS-TD)
Kevin Prince: 7-11-0-87-1 (37 yards)
Richard Brehaut: 11-17-1-106-2 (16 and 26 yards)
Clayton Tunney: 1-1-0-44-0
Ted Landers: 4-4-0-27-0

Rushing (TCB-YDS)
Johnathan Franklin: 9-37
Derrick Coleman: 9-25
Milton Knox: 7-24
Jayson Allmond: 6-24

Receiving (NO-YDS-TD)
Morrell Presley: 3-53-0
Randall Carroll: 3-50-1
Ricky Marvray: 3-36-1
Jerry Rice, Jr.: 3-21-0
Cory Harkey: 3-19-0
Taylor Embree: 2-32-1

Sheldon Price: 1

Nate Chandler -2, Iuta Tepa 1, Datone Jones (1 plus 1 TFL on reverse), Donovan Carter 1

Field Goals
Kai Forbath: 46G, 42G, 42G, 40G
Madison Poole: 38 NG

Punt Return
Damien Thigpen: 60-yard touchdown return

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  • MaltBaa

    Jon is Crissman hurt? mormon mission or what?