Ramirez moving about

Somebody call U-Haul, Christian Ramirez could have a new home once again.

The senior safety turned running back turned safety was once again back on offense on Monday, donning a white jersey for the first time this spring. UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel wanted to test him at the F-back spot currently occupied by sophomores Morrell Presley and Damien Thigpen.

“I got the call at 8:30 this morning that coach wanted to try me here, so I gave it a shot,” Ramirez said. “It’s not messing with my emotions. If anything, it’s making me excited, that coach wants to put me somewhere, that he wants to find somewhere for me to play.”
Ramirez admits that he is playing with a newfound hunger, after a disappointing junior year. Ramirez entered fall camp as the starting running back before suffering a high ankle sprain and a hamstring injury, and he struggled to regain his confidence and role.

“When I was named the starter, I can say I probably got a little complacent,” Ramirez said. “Now that I have to work for this, it reassures me that I can do this stuff. I am a pretty good athlete. It’s nice to know that coach realizes that.”

A premier athlete out of Imperial High, Ramirez has 22 carries for 111 yards and a touchdown in his career, but had just three carries for 13 yards last year.

He has looking impressive during spring camp at safety, wowing coaches and fans with a beautiful interception last Monday.

“Yeah, I started to feel a little comfortable out there,” Ramirez said. “All I have to do is get my footwork right. I’m starting to get that down pat. Everything is starting to settle in. It’s the same concept as the F. They want me to come over and block. All I need to do is come over and hit somebody. That’s the easy part.”

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  • Coach Thom

    Great to see the coaches giving C-Ram every opportunity to excel and help the team. Personally, I think he’d make a terrific safety. Hope this season is good for him.

  • lavsmousse

    At Fri’s scrimmage, one of the touchdown passes thrown was C-rams responsibility and on other plays he look confused in terms of his responsibilities. So its not surprising he’s on the move again.

  • Blue Bruin

    As far as I’m concerned, Christian Ramirez is akin to the last man selected in the NFL draft: Mr. Irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    just let the kid develop somewhere!!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Tough room.