Neuheisel on Dan Patrick Show

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel went on the Dan Patrick Show and had some interesting things to say about Pete Carroll: Neuheisel on Patrick

On Pete Carroll leaving USC:
“In my heart of hearts, I think he got tired of trying to defend these different kinds of offenses. I think the Oregon stuff – Oregon had their way with Pete’s defense – and I think he just got tired of having the quarterback be a factor in the run game. He decided you know what, ‘I have this great opportunity, it’s a lucrative opportunity, and I can go back and the quarterback is going to be right behind the center, 5-to-7 yards, and he’s not going to run the ball and all of a sudden, all my zone pressures work again.”

So Masoli is the only reason why Pete Carroll went to the pros?
“It’s a theory. I’m not saying it is, I haven’t talked to him. But I know that was frustrating for him.”

Wow. So I can just see the LA Times: “Pete Carroll afraid of college quarterbacks, that’s why he went pro, according to Rick Neuheisel”…
“No, I don’t think he was afraid of anything. That I would never say. But I think it frustrated him the way that he had to defend. The only game he lost, in the bowl game, was against a running quarterback in Vince Young. Those offenses are hard. It takes a great deal of patience to be able to hang in there with that type of stuff.”

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  • RickBruin

    How about PC thinking about NCAA investigations, juniors turning pro, past and future beatdowns by Stanford, second-tier bowl games, Mike Garrett, possibility of conference expansion, personal issues?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! No comments on this gem. Has this board gone soft?

    Alright, well, I’ll throw one out… I think Neuheisel believes Carroll left because he (Carroll) was afraid that he’d get shot one day while a) driving to the USC campus or B) standing on the sideline next to Snoop.

    Let’s see if that stirs the kettle?

  • gilligan

    I am a big time USC fan and this is probably one of the dumbest things Neuheisel has ever said.
    USC was garbage for almost two decades until PC revived this program and turned it into a national powerhouse. Under PC USC almost matched UCLA’s entire Rose Bowl Wins (USC won 4 under PC and UCLA has won 5 in its history).
    The only thing that is illustrated in Neuheisel’s comments is his jealously and hatred towards the USC program and especially to PC.
    I will bring up one point, I have nothing but utmost respect for Coach Harbaugh b/c he backs up his smack. I didn’t have a problem with Stanford laying the hammer on my team instead I was upset with USC for not standing toe to toe with Stanford. I have yet to see Neuheisel back up any of his comments.
    Weird that Neuheisel didn’t bring up UCLA’s shut out loss against BYU considering that BYU has an easier offense to defend (per Neuheisel) with a drop back passer.

  • The Skipper

    Hey Little Buddy,

    Nice comment, unfortunately nowhere in your comment did you refute the claim. Neuheisel did not say that USC did a better job of defending running quarterbacks before PC, he just said that he believes that it frustrated him and he left.

    How is it weird that Neuheisel didn’t bring up the BYU game? He was talking about Pete Carroll and his defensive scheme, not about his own shortcomings. I don’t think he was trying to say one offense is easier to defend than the other, just that PC’s schemes worked better against most traditional offenses.

  • Anonymous

    Gilligan – This board will see how much of a “big time” fan you are when SC starts losing. Neuheisel is 2 and 0 against your new coach. You will jump off the SC band wagon just as PC did. He saw the light of day. My recommendation, don’t be an SC fan just because your neighbors went there, take off the plastic SC flags off your station wagon, and stop standing outside of the Jonathan Club hoping someday a big booster will see your SC boxers and invite you in.

  • gilligan

    I normally don’t respond to other posts but in this case I think I must submit a reply.
    I have been a USC fan when Marcus Allen was running the ball for the men of Troy. I also remember the so called dark days of USC football when both ND and UCLA owned my beloved team. I have always rooted for my team whether it was winning a NC or getting soundly beaten by a respected rival.
    I enjoyed my college experience at USC probably as much as a UCLA alumnus.
    I also have good friends who are UCLA fans and for the most part a great majority of UCLA fans are very cordial. I have nothing but respect for UCLA fans (I know that it might sound like a foreign concept but people do treat each other with respect regardless of college) because in reality I enjoy their company and we can discuss other things other than sports.
    From my understanding the hooligan behavior tends to come from younger fans (both USC and UCLA are guilty) and I really hope that the older more civil alumni of each school corrects this type of behavior in person.

  • brewnz

    Wow, Gilligan! You MUST be a true fan because you certainly broke the acrimony down perfectly. UCLA and USC are THE universities in Southern California, so chances are that those of us making a living do so side-by-side with each other’s alums.

    At first glance, I thought that you were being a bit sensitive to Coach Neuheisel’s comments (they didn’t seem to have bad intentions) but after listening to the interview, it’s obvious he was taking a dig at Carrol. That said, I think Neu is mad because he DIDN’T get the chance to beat one of Carroll’s teams before he left. Consider the comments more along the lines of ‘sour grapes’ than hatred.

  • ucla34

    Pete brought winning football back to Usc. He heated though. Just like Tim Floyd. Any SC fan or normal fan cannot the fact! Reggie Paying off Lake just proved it! Kiffin will run the program into the ground and UCLA will stake it’s rightful claim as the top program in L.A. And for all those sorry SC fans claiming whatever national championships you have. Sorry, there has never been a true national champion because there is not playoff system! UCLA is rising fast!
    Thanks Reggie and Pete. Love ya guys! Lol

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with that innocent jab. Suck it up SUCsters.