NCAA expanding men’s tourney field…to 68

Not as big a leap as everyone expected, jumping from 65 to 68 teams, but a jump none the less: Up to 68

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  • Anonymous

    from 65 to 68

    There I fixed it.

  • Oh, thank Wooden…

    The 96 idea was awful… byes? Seriously? And having 1 play-in is also idiotic… either do the full 4 or scrap it. This makes me very happy and will not disrupt the event at all.

    Also… all games live? Like that too..

  • Larry


  • sandiegobruinfan

    The opening round Tuesday night game train had left the station a few years ago so this is a logical jump.

  • Anonymous

    I support any format as long as the school with the most titles get an automatic bid every year.