Price at 35 to Tampa Bay

The Tampa Buccaneers have rebuilt their defensive line, tabbing Gerald McCoy with the third pick and then UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price with the third pick in the second round, 35th overall.
With best friend Reggie Carter riding shotgun in the recliner next to him, Price’s family exploded in celebration.
Among the comments:
Tom Jackson: “His body type strikes you as a little bit odd – but Vince Wilfork. This guy wreaks a lot of havoc when is motor is on.”
Mel Kiper: “I don’t understand the pick. To me, you have to help out your quarterback, Josh Freeman.”

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  • Blue1Gold

    I LOVE IT!!!! A Bruin goes before a Trojan!!! A sign of things to come!

  • MJD Lite

    Price. Thank you for your work here. You will surely be missed. Good luck on Sundays!

  • Sid

    Tampa’s gonna have one HELL of a d-line…

  • mike04

    Good place for BP. Congrats Brian!

  • brewinbob

    Very happy for BP. Good luck.

  • BP Rules

    He’s going to be awesome in that Tampa Bay defense.

    GO BRUINS!!!


    Congratulations to Brian and Tampa Bay. Anyone who saw him play will know this is a steal. It is better than some had predicted he would fall to.

  • gregg

    Going to be the best D tackle tandem in the near future!!! Happy for Price.

  • ESbruin

    Congrats to BP–You can’t help but cheer for the guy.

  • Spencer

    At least he went before a Trojan!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Sometimes good things happen to good people. This is one of those times. Good luck, Brian, we’re all pulling for you. You made us proud.

  • Mike H class of 90

    No double-teams with McCoy next to you – congrats, BP!

  • bruinbiochem06

    BP, i’ll miss watching you play in a bruin uniform. Congrats!!!


    Tampa Bay with Gerald McCoy and BP?! Are you kidding me? Now THAT’S a D-Line!!! Tampa Bay’s undoubtedly got the best picks in this year’s draft thus far…

  • Anonymous

    Mike H brings up a good point.

    With McCoy next to him, BP will almost assuredly not have to deal with double-teams. Opposing offenses are in deep trouble. In fact, this simple fact causes this selection to make a lot more sense to me. The Bucs staff must realize that BP is a monster and unblockable when you only stick one guy on him.

  • Anon

    To some extent, Kiper is right – it’s an odd pick having already picked up McCoy. Maybe Tampa just felt BP had fallen way too far and offered too much value to pass up at that spot, regardless of position needs.

  • Boston Bruin

    The ESPN commentators are such jerks…being all east coast based (except for Chuckie) they have no idea about the talent of players in the west unless they get the press release from the university.

    They were all ‘stunned’ by young Mr. Price being taken, and made all sorts of excuses why he shouldn’t have been chosen.

    Seems the bumbling idiots think they have an understanding moreso than the Pac-10 coaches who played against the big man and proclaimed him #1 Defensive player!

    The ESPN tools were proven to be the frauds they are later in Round 2 when they all were convinced that Colt McCoy was being taken by Cleveland, and then sat in stunned silence when the Browns go with a RB!!!

    I hope BP wasn’t listening to those fools and thoroughly enjoyed the moment of being pick #35 with his Mom.