Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) What do you think of the tempo of practice to other programs you have seen? – goblue
The tempo has been increased from last year, but I still think the intensity and contact can be raised. I understand that injuries are a real worry, and I’m not saying you want carnage out there, but to adequately prepare for the contact and hitting of a real game, there needs to be more of that at UCLA.

2) How many wins do you predict UCLA will have in football in 2010, and what are their chances of going to a bowl game? Who are the teams to beat in the Pac-10? – Bruin Fizzle
Like I’ve said all along, seven wins at the most, five at the least. The Bruins should beat: Washington, Washington State, Arizona State and Houston. The Bruins can beat: Arizona, Stanford and Kansas State. The Bruins probably won’t beat: USC, Oregon, Cal, Oregon State and Texas. I think they go 2-1 against Arizona, Stanford and Kansas State to get up to six wins, then win the bowl game, and if they stay healthy and Prince and the offensive line progress, nine or 10 wins in 2011.

3) Is the pistol going to be our main offense next year? Or are CRN and Chow trying to teach it all this spring and start using are regular offense come fall with some pistol thrown in. And what exactly the pros and cons for the pistol and UCLA’s offense from last year. -Thanks ahead of time – JulianDThey keep saying that it’s only part of the scheme and they’ll still run their base offense, but I don’t buy it. You don’t spend an entire spring practicing a new offense without committing to it. Everyone knows this isn’t a “new” offense, but if UCLA ran it exclusively, it sure would be. Chow and Neuheisel maintain that the Bruins “know” the base stuff…yeah, know it all the way to 116th and 97th in rushing. They know a change needs to be made is what they know. This *should* allow more fluidity and consistency in the running game, which they hope, in turn, will open up the downfield passing game. All I know is we should see less three-yard tight end screens this year.

4) Will you please put the questions in bold print. Thanks. – AnonymousYes.

5) Were any of the football players “adopted” by a white family ala “The Blind Side”? – AnonymousNot that I know of, but if you hear of any, email me. I’d love to write about that.

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  • AJTovar

    W-L predictions based on a spring practice with the team running a new style offense? Briliant.

    That said, mark it down that UCLA beats both bay area teams this season…..and it’s going to be easy.

  • Masoli single-handedly beat us the past two seasons… with him gone, and that team in some turmoil, I think you should move UO down at least one category.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Matt A. Mensa, Masoli was injured in the Oregon/UCLA game this season. UCLA pretty much beat itself without him, especially Chow’s fantasiacal play calling on the Ore one yard line….(three Coleman runs to nowhwere up the gut)

  • theuclan

    Bruins win 8 plus a bowl game!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Masoli sat out the UCLA game last year…

  • Anon

    Where the heck did the “adopted by a white family” question come from? I know the asker referenced “The Blind Side,” but adoption by ANY family is worthy of a story, not just a white family; compassion isn’t limited to one race.

  • el chorizon

    are spring practices in full pads?