Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1 and 1a) Are we going to be able to see the spring game on TV? We can see Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio St, etc. – Anonymous; Will the Spring game be televised, or available on DVD? – Boston BruinNo, the spring game won’t be aired and won’t be on DVD. Admission is free, though, and parking is only $15 and tailgating starts at 3 p.m. Worth it.

2) Did you ever sense that there were players on the basketball team (other than gordon) who were not well liked by their teammates, and if so, do you think that contributed to team chemistry issues? – AnonymousYes, that definitely happened.

3) How is Chandler coming along at DT? – Bruin ’05Great move by Chandler and the staff. He looks really good, and I’m surprised the move wasn’t made sooner. Needs to get a little bigger, but can be a big contributor this year.

4) Jon, Does it worry you at all that CBH did not pull off some recruiting coup like RN has.?Or is there still home chance of a surprise? – Jed and Gold
Josh Smith is definitely a recruiting coup, and I love Tyler Lamb’s game. Just because he didn’t land a longshot like Zeigler or Jones doesn’t negate the rest of the class.

5) – Read that question wrong.
Here’s a replacement: Seems like we’re going to be a terrible FT shooting team next year. Our top FT shooters % wise (Roll, Drago) are gone. Lee shot 70%, Nelson 52%, Honeycutt 60%, Anderson 58%, Lane 57%. – Anonymous
That MUST be a focus during the offseason. The worst thing that can happen for this team is to get marginally better on defense with the subtraction of Dragovic, but then just lose the close games at the end because of poor free-throw shooting. No doubt, it must be addressed.

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  • Burton

    I signed with Nevada already…

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Burton sign with Nevada?

  • Anonymous

    If you are disappointed by CBH’s 2010 class, just wait until next spring. 2011 class of juco transfers and h.s. walk-ons.

  • earth to cheapo

    $15 is the regular price for the parking at the Rose Bowl… I agree that is expensive. To support our team and tailgate on what is going to be another beautiful Cali day is well worth it. I’m going with a group of friends and it will cost us a couple of bucks each. Can you afford that?…. loser!

  • Ernie

    I’m hoping Jones isn’t completely out of the picture. Did he announce or were you referring to McCallum?

  • BigDbruin

    Who writes these questions? I’ve never played on any team of any kind where EVERYONE liked EVERYONE. Sporst is competitive and breeds jealousy and contempt. Heck even in the church leauges you have people who don’t get along….It’s the COACHES job to manage the egos and keep everyone focused on one goal…WINNING!