The Revolver Misfires

The NRA has a message for the UCLA offense after Saturday’s spring game: Time to rename the offense.

For roughly half of UCLA’s spring game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night, the Revolver offense packed all the punch of a water pistol.

All the progress made during 14 spring practices negated by an inconsistent running game and a passing game that lacked timing.

“I’m a little disappointed, and I told them so,” offensive coordinator Norm Chow said. “We’ve been practicing very well, but we for some reason came over here, and it didn’t seem like we came out on fire. We needed to get going a little earlier than we did.”

While the UCLA running game appeared to make strides – particularly during a late drive capped off by a four-yard Derrick Coleman touchdown run – the passing game bore the brunt of Chow and head coach Rick Neuheisel’s frustration.

Sophomore quarterback Kevin Prince finished 5-of-13 passing for 72 yards with an interception and no scores and sophomore Richard Brehaut went 3-for-9 for 34 yards. The Bruins’ only passing touchdown? Ted Landers to tight end Andrew Yelich for 15 yards on the last play of the night.

“It wasn’t vintage Kevin,” Neuheisel said. “There were some balls he left out there. You only have a certain amount of protection time. You’re looking down the field for something that chances are very small you’re going to hit.”

While the Revolver offense is in place to maximize the effect of the quarterback in the running game, Prince didn’t get to show much. The running game improved with time – Coleman finishing with 64 yards on six carries and Johnathan Franklin tallying 47 yards on 18 rushes and a touchdown – but the quarterbacks were limited.

Prince was called down on contact in the backfield – and often, with the defense ringing up eight sacks, including two by junior Datone Jones – and the UCLA coaches did not want to reveal too much to the opposition come September.

“It’s frustrating; I was getting pretty mad,” Prince said. “You do all that work, put on weight so you can break those tackles. There were a few where I would’ve broken loose, I’m 100 percent sure of it. They called it down, and I understand why. But it’s just a little discouraging – you know in a real game situation, our offense would’ve been producing better.

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  • Coach Thom

    Hmmm. Early days. They’ve got 4 months to get it right. Good to see the D was still firing well.

  • Anonymous

    Great. UCLA loses to itself.

    So, Gregg, who’s “second tier” now?

  • Accuracy

    The QB’s just need accuracy. Nothing wrong with the offense, the QB’s just can’t get the ball to the receivers.
    Learn to throw?

  • JosephineBruin

    Here’s what I could find so far of undrafted Bruins who have signed contracts:

    free agaent signings….
    Kyle Bosworth – Jacksonville Jaguars

    Logan Paulsen – Washington Redskins

    Reggie Carter – Seattle Seahawks

    According to the UCLA Athletics Twitter, Chane Moline signed with the Oakland Raiders, and Korey Bosworth signed with the Denver Broncos. Also according to the same tweet, Ryan Moya has a tryout with the Cleveland Browns. Nick Ekbatani has a tryout with the St. Louis Rams.

    Congrats everyone!

  • captainqtp

    UCLA didn’t lose to itself, it beat itself!

  • Blue1Gold

    Hmmm…Well, our passing game looked anemic tonite. That being said, I was fortunate to watch 6 Spring practices after work now that I’m assigned to the West Side. To those of you who were disappointed tonite…Stay positive. There really was improvement in the passing game during Spring Camp. The move to the revolver is a good one. I’m still curious to see how the passing phase of the revolver fares when the bullets really fly come Fall. The kids just need more time with it.

    Our defense looks good, but then again, they’ve adjusted to this “revolver” scheme. Our D-Line looks strong and our secondary is very deep! I’m excited about the defense. I hope our offense works out the kinks during the summer camp.

    Go Bruins!

  • RickBruin

    It’s not like the defense was supposed to make the offense look good….

    the big question is, do the Bruins have a breakaway threat / gamebuster?

  • Marc

    I was at the scrimmage and came away feeling pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Datone Jones is going to be a beast this year. The kicking game looks solid, as expected. While the quarterback play was not that impressive from a completion standpoint, I’d like to comment on the hand-off and more importantly, the FAKE hand-off technique. The fakes were very good, particulary from Prince. A lot of those plays would’ve gone for big yardage in a real game. Also, the quality of the fakes will cause opposing defenses to respect it every time. There’s a long way to go, but I really like what I saw tonight. Keep working hard Bruins! I cannot wait until the season starts.

  • UCLA ’64

    Saying UCLA lost to itself or beat itself is rather silly. That happened in the spring game at every school across the country. I read this morning, that Houston’s defense was walloped by its offense. Maybe, our defense won’t be so easy for Houston to get around in September.

    Some of these Anonymous folks out think themselves. Or, stated differently, they beat themselves or lose to themselves.

  • bibs

    Defense looks good. I would like to see Crissman in the
    revolver,he was a really good runner in high school.

  • UCLA ’64

    I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the 57-yard field goal by Kai Forbath. I read that in the stats at the official site. Is that a mistake or is it simply no big deal?

  • Fan4Life

    Would have been nice to see some more firepower out of the O, but the defense has become a proud bunch from Walker’s time here. So after 14 days of seeing the same O, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see the D play well in front of a nice crowd.

    After all, didn’t our D play Oregon pretty well for at least a half last year at the RB? Sure Nate Costa isn’t Masoli, but the Ducks have had a hell of a lot more time running the spread option than the Bruins have the revolver and didn’t really impress me without their star QB.

    Didn’t even see MK running out of the Cheetah so that tells you how vanilla it was going to be yesterday.

  • USC_Fire

    “It wasn’t vintage Kevin,” Neuheisel said…

    5 for 13, with a int and no TD’s! That is exactly vintage Prince! Just look at last years stats. What games did he watch.

  • Anonymous

    USC_Fire said:
    “It wasn’t vintage Kevin,” Neuheisel said…

    5 for 13, with a int and no TD’s! That is exactly vintage Prince! Just look at last years stats. What games did he watch


    Funny, Kevin Prince’s stats weren’t far off from Barkley’s last season. Barkley was only marginally better than Prince, and that’s with having played more games than Prince did.

    Barkley CMP% = 59.9%
    Prince CMP% = 56.2%

    Barkely TD/INT = 15/14
    Prince TD/INT = 8/8

    Barkely RAT = 131.3
    Prince RAT = 115.5

    USC Total Passing Yds. = 2890
    UCLA Total Passing Yds. = 2896 (More total passing yards, and that’s with using 2nd, 3rd, & 4th string QBs)

    What games did YOU watch?

  • gregg

    Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner anom @10:16 but, yes Prince is a 1st tier Qb , didn’t have a good spring game , but were a long way from the season pal. Were you at the game or just commenting based off this article ? Anyways at least you can spell my name right . You don’t know much about football , but can spell Gregg , good job!

  • Anonymous

    UCLA ’64,

    As the anonymous poster above lamenting UCLA’S “losing to itself,” it is incumbent upon me to point out that THAT WAS A JOKE. (Speaking of “out-thinking” oneself!)

    I’m a long-time (though not as long as you; I was only born in ’69), frustrated fan hoping for Neu and Chow (N and C . . . NC . . . National Championship! That was me, too) to make UCLA great again. I can’t wait to see how the team does this year.

    Perhaps if the Revolver works out for Chow, he can help Howland implement it.

    (Yes, that was also a sad attempt at levity.)

  • Anonymous


    “Were you at the game or just commenting based off this article ?”

    Neither, Gregg. I was referring to a fairly recent thread in which I pointed out Prince’s unjustified arrogance in calling his teammates “second-tier,” to which you responded with . . . name-calling.

    “Anyways at least you can spell my name right”

    That makes one of us.

    (I tried to resist, I really did. But you’re so obnoxious. I guess that’s why you feel compelled to defend someone demeaning his teammates.)

  • gregg

    You made me laugh out loud. Prince demeaning his teammates ? 2nd tier does not translate to 2nd rate in this context. You could plug in 2nd string and its the same quote. I will apologize for name calling other than that we could agree to disagree. In my opinion he was not demeaning anyone.

  • robear20

    @UCLA 64′, I was at the game and Forbath did indeed hit on a 57 yard’er, it barely cleared the crossbar but he also took only 2 small steps before kicking it. It was a mile high as well, no line driver! He probably could hit from 65 yards if he had to.

    Also, we are in BIG trouble offensively if Prince does not show more than he showed Saturday night. Coleman was the man at RB and on defense Jones is a machine.

    Everybody was able to go down onto the field after the “game” and I have to say the Bruin Players and Especially coach RN were awesome, especially to the kids. I am a season ticket holder but have never met any of the players or coaches. Coach RN said he would stay on the field all night if he had to so he could sign everything and take all the pics that the fans wanted. The Pasadena PD tried to move everyone off of the field after about a 1/2 hour and coach told them point blank “give me more time!” The police Sgt. just backed off.

    Just goes to show the difference in class between the two Pac Ten schools in So. Cal., one closes it’s practices and the other goes out of its way to accommodate the fans.

  • Anonymous


    I appreciate your courteous reply.

    I disagree about “second tier” being synonymous with “second string.” Can you imagine (if you’ve been around long enough) Larry Bird referring to Kevin McHale as “second tier” when he was a sub?


    Anonymous Again