Bruin Free-Agent List

Here’s how it ended up working out for several UCLA football players after the NFL Draft:

Logan Paulsen – Free agent, Washington
Reggie Carter – Free agent, Seattle
Chane Moline – Free agent, Oakland
Kyle Bosworth – Free agent, Jacksonville
Korey Bosworth – Free agent, Denver

Ryan Moya – Tryout, Cleveland
Nick Ekbatani – Tryout, St. Louis

I talked to Ekbatani last night, and he couldn’t be more excited. The St. Louis coaches are very interested in him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught on.

  • Anonymous

    Anything on Jerzy? Did he pick up any interest from any teams?

  • ucla rob

    I’m excited for Ekbatani too, I think he has a hellava chance, his work ethic is great, and his 29.5 in. verital leap and his 42 reps on Pro Day were very impressive. Good luck NIck.

  • Coach Thom

    Hope Denver keeps Korey. They need good LBs, and Korey might fit their 34 system. Congrats to all the Bruins who have made it this far!

  • Anonymous

    No offense intended towards these young men, but thank God the Karl Dorrell era talent drain is closing.

    If you look at the history of the coaches going back 30 years:

    Donahue averaged 7 players a year into the pros
    Toledo averaged 5 players a year
    Dorrell averaged 4 players a year (to date).

    By the way Donohue had 4 classes with over 10 taken, and two more with 9 taken to play in the NFL.

    Considering CRN learned the game, developed the eye for talent, and can schmooze with the best of ’em like Coach Terry, I’d expect to see more UCLA players reaching the next level under CRN.


    Congrats to all on getting some looks…Keep working hard!!!

  • Anonymous

    I heard that Kraft thought he was going to get drafted! What a joke, I hope he had another plan lined up for his future…

  • gilligan

    As a USC fan I was surprised that Reggie Carter did not get drafted b/c he played some great defense for UCLA.
    The biggest shock was that Tebow was drafted ahead of Mays and Price. SF will be able to coach up Mays into a good safety and TB dramatically improved their run D with Price in the middle. I would not be too surprised if Price is the better pro than McCoy.