Wittek commits to USC

Mater Dei quarterback Max Wittek told ESPNLA’s Arash Markazi that he’s committed to USC:
Wittek to USC

I’ve heard conflicting opinions on Wittek’s game, but if Wittek does indeed bring along the trio of Victor Blackwell and DeAnthony Thomas that has been widely discussed, that alone would make his commit worth it. I wouldn’t expect Neuheisel to give up on Wittek – who was at Spaulding Field during Spring ball – but now he’ll probably put the full-court press on UCLA’s other quarterback recruits, including Kyle Boehm, Brett Hundley and Cody Kessler.

I’ll have a big interview with Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman about the USC camp tomorrow, and get some of the latest observations and analysis.

  • USC_Fire

    Sugar Sweeeeet!

  • http://facebook.com/karrillo ucla rob

    Wittek, what is he a 3-star QB? Blackwell a Receiver and Thomas a RB…UCLA is loaded at the Receiver and RB positions. As for QB there are better QBs in the southland that Neuheisel can get, I’m sure.


    Slob what happen to you posting on Topix.com? Did you get tired of looking like an idiot? Now at least you have come to a place where people like you only see baby blue. You must not watch much high school football, Thomas would start today on most college football teams. To say you currently have anyone else close to his caliber on your current squad is just plain stupidity.

  • WTF rob?

    WTF rob? Just because you have talent at WR and RB doesn’t mean you stop recruiting the best players. Blackwell, Thomas, Farmer, etc… are all local kids. UCLA must defend its own backyard and compete with usc if we are ever going to play in our own field in January.


    Definitely not good news…And, to top it off, I must agree with UCLA SLOB…

  • http://www.yahoo.com tabasco

    I don’t get the connection (or fanciful leap?) to DeAnthony Thomas with this Mater Dei QB… where is that info coming from? Why would the Mamba care about where a 3-star Orange County kid is going?

  • Fan4Life

    I thought Thomas was a heavy sc lean cause of the Snoop Dog factor more than the “let’s all go to the same school” factor.

  • Another down year

    I’m sorry, where is the news flash? This is yr three with Chow, and not impressed…especially after Sat’s preview of horrific offense to come. Last two years offense and passing game stunk, and we lost a top QB recruit to Stanford on the 11th hour. I wouldn’t even waste my time as a QB recruit coming here, it’s a real joke.

    Let’s get the excuses ready on how bad this program will be.

    I am a booster and season ticket holder, so I can open my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Poor ucla rob, the jealousy and bitterness just oozes from his every word. If Wittek (a 4 star recruit) isn’t a good QB, then why did he have offers from USC, Florida, Florida St, UCLA, Nebraska, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, etc.?

    Another year, another top QB recruit making the wise decision not to bRUIN his life.

  • MaltBaa

    a commitment in april means what? Basically at this point USC is his favorite.. It aint over and as I have heard Jon Gold himself say, there is no difference between the top fifteen recruits at a certain position. Its all about rankings and hyping the athletes and to some degree the websites that pimp these kids. Dont take this commitment to seriously

  • Fan4Life

    Another down year’s has a valid point. Bottom line, if UCLA has a productive season offensively and wins some big games, the recruits will come. It could be Wittek, it could be Hundley who knows. SC still has an NCAA decision coming up. Everything between now and the KState game is just fodder for the internet.

  • BigTime Bruin

    Agree with fan4life completely. Our spring game didn’t have several starters (Smith, Fauria, etc) on the offense. Plus, they’re playing the defense that has seen every snap of this offense for the last 15 days! On top of that, if a jersey of a defenseman scrapes a QB, the play was signaled dead. Take the spring game with salt gentleman and let our season speak for itself. .

  • Truth Hurts for UCLA

    Typically the top QB’s commit (and stay committed, unless it’s to UCLA) very early. Wittek is already talking about recruiting other plays for USC. Plus, he had this to say about his “interest” in UCLA…

    “Actually never (considered UCLA). I was only there once for one thing, I’m not even sure what it was. But I really didn’t think about them that much.” OUCH! hahaha

  • Alex

    I know its April, but geez we are too damn obsessed with recruiting. Let’s do something with the players we have before worrying about another group or we’ll end up in a perpetual spiral of “just wait, the NEXT guys will turn it around after these others weren’t able to.”

    Only thing that matters are Saturdays in Fall and the gridded grass rectangle where you put up or shut up.

  • Coach Thom

    What about Kiehl Frazier from Arkansas? He would be the perfect QB for our revolutionary Revolver offense. I believe we are, in fact, recruiting him. Wittek is far too slow and clumsy to operate in the Revolver. Good luck to his sitting on the bench at $UC…like so many players with stars in their eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Truth hurts, where is the link for that? I would love to read the article where he says that, and if he did say that about another school, I wouldn’t want him at mine.

  • http://paulm Ley

    No players actually read this stuff anyways….Didnt Dietrich Reilly committ early on ESPN in the process…Let the season play out and the committs will come back….Remember there QB coach is Lame Kiffin (see Sucks)….TRUTH HURTS!!!!

  • Reformed Droog

    @Anon 1:20AM

    I wondered that too and Googled around. Looks like someone made it up in a Scout forum and Wikipedia Trogans like “Truth Hurts” are spreading it like its true.

    In the grander scheme of life, let’s just hope that “Truth Hurts” isn’t a Glenn Beck fan…

  • TornTrojan

    He is only good because he is here at USC now. If he went anywhere else he would be a true blue pansy. I love to be associated with a winning program, it makes me feel good. I can look at people who do better than I do, and I can for once say that I am better than them at something, and that something is the football team I root for. That being said, I am trying to raise my children to be better people, and all this cheating and stuff is not what I want them to think of as the way to go about living life. I really am a torn trojan.

  • Bob

    If you are a torn Trojan then you aren’t one at all. YOU ARE A BANDWAGONER! Take your doubtful self righteous self to another fan base if you are so worried about your kids.

  • bleedblue20

    Forget about about Wittek! The QB UCLA should be hoping for is Cody Kessler!!! Boise State wants this kid so bad, he’s the only QB they are going after. I hear he’s leaning toward Pitt or Bama, though.