Howland ON:

On Phil Mathews’ age:
“Phil coached Tyler Lamb’s dad and uncle at Ventura JC. Had Terry Lamb in office Saturday and he laughed and had great respect for him. He’s coached the dad, and now he’s going to coach his son.”

On Donnie Daniels leaving:
“Donnie made this choice – he was not asked to leave. He got a great deal financially, he’s still paying for a daughter in college over in England. Donnie did just an unbelievable job when he was here, was a big part of why we had the success we had. He did a great job. I love Donnie, and I’ll always appreciate everything he gave to our program.”

On planning to add more players this year:
“Yes. In the works, in the works.”

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  • Anonymous

    “when” he was here.

  • Blue Bruin

    Sometimes Howland makes absolutely no sense. “Paying for a daughter in England”…What does that mean? Does Daniels have a daughter in England? Is she illegitimate, or is she just doing study abroad or something? Is Donny so wicked that he shipped her off to boarding school? Is some of the Gonzaga money bypassing Donny directly and going straight to the daughter?

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought Donnie Daniels was a legit assistant coach and his leaving is more telling than if any of the other assistant coaches had left. Did he figure it was gonna get a lot worse before it got even remotely better? Could he not take another second of Howland and his sourpuss demeanor? Did he feel underappreciated? Who knows, but I still can’t believe he decided to leave UCLA for Gonzaga. I mean, how much better could the financial package have been from Gonzaga to make Daniels pack up and go? Strange stuff.

  • Blue Bruin

    I also love Howland’s response to the question about recruiting. He says something meaningless–“In the works”–then repeats it. That really instills confidence!

  • Anonymous

    It is so much cheaper to live near Gonzaga than to live in LA near UCLA, so even if he is paid the same in this lateral position move, in a sense, he makes more money. Imagine if all of you were “quoted” everytime you spoke and it was all printed. Obviosuly Daniels has a daughter just living in England or going to school there and he helps her out financially- that is his right. Maybe she is studying abroad and they need extra money to cover those expenses. Gonzaga is a big fish in thier smaller pond and the job will be less stressful and life around Gonzaga will be less hectic. LA is not for everyone for an extended stay. Maybe he wants to coach in a less stressful environment and keep more of his take home pay to enjoy life.

  • CrouchingBruin

    I’m not sure what our basketball assistant coaches pull down, but if the situation is similar to football, assistants don’t get paid as much at UCLA as at a private school, with the difference being greater for the top assistants. If Daniels has a daughter studying in England that he has to support financially, I’m sure he has to seriously consider any bump in pay.