Quotables: Ben Howland

Opening Statement:
Ben Howland: “First of all, I have great respect for Phil. I’ve known Phil for 28 years. I was an assistant coach at Santa Barbara when he was at Fullerton way back in the day, 28 years ago. I’ve always had great respect for him as a coach, and as a recruiter. Important to me too are the ties he has to the SoCal community. He’s had a great experience, even being out now in the Big-12 and Nebraska. He’s a good coach, a very good recruiter, a good person who will represent the university in a first-class fashion.”

Is this the last shake up of the staff?
BH: “Yeah.”

What are Phil’s roles?
BH: “His roles are too recruit and to coach our players on a day-to-day basis, and help to prepare for games. He’s been a head coach, a very successful head coach, at the JC level, at the D-1 level. I feel like I’ve hired someone with a really good background.”

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  • Grammer Police

    His roles are to recruit

  • Anonymous


    First rule of journalism: Don’t assume any knowledge on your reader’s part.

    Who’s Phil? Does he even have a last name?

  • MaltBaa

    all right anon, first of all, did you happen to read the previous entry on the blog? first rule of reading insideucla is , read in cronological order.
    second, this is a blog, not a newspaper

  • anonymous

    Grammer Police – the word is spelled “grammar”.

  • Warren

    Grammer Police would have been arrested by the Spelling Police.

  • The Craw

    Maybe Kelsey Grammer has his own police force.