Washington game reportedly moved to Thursday, Nov. 18

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times writes that UCLA’s football matchup with Washington has been moved to Nov. 18: Sked Change

This would give UCLA four nationally televised matchups, joining the Bruins’ games versus Texas, Oregon and Stanford. Oregon and Stanford will be on ESPN, while the Texas matchup is set for ABC.

Here is UCLA’s schedule, before the switch: Schedule

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  • ev

    There is NATIONAL and then there is national. Being on ABC is great, but ESPN is just ok. Most ESPN games don’t get that high of ratings, depends on day and time. Saturday night is the best but only if its a true national game. Even ESPN is doing regional broadcasts now. Thursday is the best of the weekday slots. However the westcoast game is the second one of the night and the drop in ratings is often large.

  • Anonymous

    I Hate Thursday road games!!

    That place will be rockin’, TV game, night game, tough on the road team because travel and short week.

    I hope the Bruins prove me wrong.

  • INawe

    I don’t know about you guys but any game on ESPN and ABC and not televised on FSN is a win in my book!!!! šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Actually this works out better in terms of short weeks. We have a bye week the week before and play Arizona St. on the Friday after Thanksgiving the week after.

    This change gives us 12 days before the Washington game and 8 days before Arizona St. instead of the original 14 days before Washington and a short 6 day week before Arizona St.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else worried that we have five national tv games so far and the last four are ALL on the road:

    Sept 11 vs. Stanford
    Sept 25 at Texas
    Oct 21 at Oregon
    Nov 18 at Washington
    Nov 26 at Arizona State

  • Grammer Police

    I think you meant Nov. 18 not No. 18 in the headline. You need someone to proofread your posts.

  • VAbruin

    Ev, the linked article says that the game will kick off at 5pm pacific which is the same time that the game was scheduled to kick off before the schedule change. Is that still right? Where are you finding that this will be the later game in a back-to-back broadcast on Thursday night on ESPN? What time is it supposed to kick off?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, the irony, “grammer” police!

  • j_doe

    You heard it here first……..Jake Locker is SOOOO overrated. Barkley, a true freshman finished with better numbers than Locker last year. As did Canfield. Locker ranks in the middle of the pack in terms of Div. 1 QBs (50-something out of 120 some-odd schools).