Weekly Answer, Pt. 1

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1) have we scrapped the pro style offense or does the revolver run the same plays as the pro just with different options for the qb? – MaltbaaNeuheisel and Chow keep saying they have not tossed the base offense, and that the Revolver will simply supplement it, but I don’t see how that’s possible. You can’t be only halfway committed.

2) Any players thinking of transferring to UCLA (both sports)? – AnonymousI’ve heard some unfounded rumors about a pair of basketball transfers, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.

3) what have you heard about Darius Bell (Khalil’s brother)? – AnonymousI would expect it to be a done deal if he passes the NCAA clearinghouse requirements first. Bell is a Jeremiah Masoli-type without the edge – “Jeremiah would run a guy over if he could, but I’m not trying to do that if I don’t have to. I’d rather run around him,” Bell told Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman – and would be an important get for a team without a quarterback recruit this year.

4) Why don’t they let Mike Harris play the blindside and let RT be the position to battle it out? – AnonymousThey don’t look at Harris as the answer on the left side. He’s better suited for the right side.

5) Cal plays Nevada three weeks before UCLA this next season. Should I be worried the novelty of the revolver will have less of an impact when the Bruins play the Bears? Or is it just a matter of execution? – Fan4LifeBrilliant reasoning, and no, this could definitely play a factor in that game. Neuheisel and Co. would have to switch some things up a bit.