Jones picks Washington

Not a shocker that Terrence Jones didn’t end up at UCLA, but he announced during a press conference on Friday that he would attend Washington.

UCLA was in the mix for Jones for a while, but things cooled off between the two parties over the last couple months.

Here’s his recruiting profile: Jones

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  • bruins_united

    this is a huge commitment for UW – terrance jones fills the one hole they have. they essentially return EVERYONE except q-pon and tjones will fill that immediate void.

    they got both tjones and tross!! the pac10 should be worried. UW is going to be good again next year.

  • Larry


  • Frank

    Darn it! Maybe we’ll get the French guy.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Damn I hate UW…you have no idea.

  • dolphyfan1

    it’s a great pickup for UW but they need to get him eligible first

  • MichaelRyerson

    This is the end of UCLA as we know it.

  • MichaelRyerson Has No Credibility

    I flip sides more than a quarter.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I always felt this guy was a long shot. But I have a dry sense of humor. It gets me in trouble sometimes. It was a joke, ya mutt.

  • Brooke

    I saw some video of the Remi Berry guy from France. He looks like the prototype Howland player. I’m hoping for him and Poolee but, of course, they don’t want Polee so that aint gonna happen.

  • bruin_nine_one

    NOTE: TJones has not signed LOI yet (as of late last night). KY/CJC making last minute push (tampering). UCLA has no shot, but maybe UW doesnt either. UW boards all aghast with chatter. would rather he go to KY for one year, then hassle us for 2 games next season!

  • Anonymous

    This Remy guys looks solid. He looks big for a small forward. He has moves though.

    To everyone who is crying fowl about Howland not having a top 10 recruiting year, let me say that the best teams don’t have a bunch of one and dones, they have a core group of players that actually stick around for a couple of years- and a couple of super elite players. I think that the core group we have now without an overweight Bobo, a toxic Gordon, and criminal Drago is going to blossom this year. We need solid recruits who flourish into pro players, like Westbrook. I think this Remi guy could be one of those.

  • Anonymous

    Remi is going to St. John’s with our old buddy Lavin. Howland can’t even out-recruit crappy Lavin now. What’s up with this blog? So few updates and even those are all behind other sources reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Remi hasn’t signed anywhere. Lucky for us, Gold gives us facts not USC fan’s wishes.