Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Great work Jon. What would you grade the offense, defense and special teams this spring? I noticed a lot of bad snaps and muffed punts, do you think that would not be a problem when Kai Maiava and Josh Smith return from injuries? – AnonymousI would grade the offense a B-, the defense a B+ and the special teams a B-, only because like you said, Smith and Maiava were out extensively.

2) What is your predicted two deep on the linebackers and the offensive line? – Ryan
LB: Ayers/Bowens, Sloan/Larimore, Love/Westgate. OL: Kia/Sheller, Baca/Hasiak, Maiava/Taylor, Williams/Capella, Harris/Abele. But don’t be surprised if Baca ends up playing some tackle, on either side.

3) Who is coming in for the Women’s Bball team? What is their recruiting outlook? And are there any big targets for 2011? – Matt
Coach Caldwell and the game have three commits, the #22 wing in Rhema Gardner, #35 PG in Thea Lemberger and #32 post player in Corrine Costa. Not a bad trio, but I’d expect a major recruiting uptick next season after the success this year.

4) Do you think Bobo will be more successful at Baylor or is he just not as good as advertised? – Anon
Both. He’ll be more successful, but he’ll never be as good as advertised, because he was so highly rated when he came in.

5) Besides Moore who else will likely either test or declare for the NFL? – Anonymous
Ayers could, but I don’t think anyone else. I strongly, strongly doubt either of them leave.

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  • Mike H class of 90

    What about Shoni Schimmel, the #3 PG out of OR…do we have any shot at her on the women’s team?

  • Reformed Droog

    I guess they don’t play defense at Baylor?

  • Anonymous

    Bobo was a bust! I’ll give him credit, he lost a lot of weight and got in shape but he just doesn’t have the skills and talent to be a major player. He always seemed flat footed and uncoordinated.

  • Anon

    Bobo lost weight, but he didn’t work enough to get his conditioning to a D-1 fitness level. His body looked good, but he didn’t have adequate stamina or strength.